Page 2 staff

Take two NBA Finals appearances, add one NBA title, subtract one flirtation with another team and what does that equal? A one-way ticket out of town.

So now that he's back in the middle of the NBA's offseason soap opera, Page 2 looks inside the head of "former" Pistons coach Larry Brown.


"I want to thank the Nets, um Clippers, um Sixers, um Pacers ... wait. Where am I?"

"Let's clear something up. I'm actually going to play for the Yankees."

"Hey, he can't be any worse than Donald Sterling ... right?"

"Great news Darko! You're coming with me!"

"Actually, this is part of my endorsement deal with Mayflower."

"I just need to get as far away from Artest as possible. What? He's from where?"

"Hey, I hear the Tampa Bay job will be available soon."