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First, his agent forgot to file the paperwork so he could be a free agent ... then he was traded to Baltimore, where he doesn't want to be. So, how is Terrell Owens handling his tumultuous offseason? Click through his head to find out.


As far as I know, they don't have any peep holes in Baltimore.

Wait, Garcia signed with Cleveland? I wonder if I can have my old locker back?

Man, I wonder if that John Hancock dude still has his Sharpie deal?

Listen, if I wanted to take orders from a dude with a mullett I wouldn't have gotten Mariucci fired.

Next time I sign something for my agent on national television, it's going to involve a civil suit.

The fans in Philly are really good about throwing props -- like batteries -- on the field to help me celebrate.

I hear good things about practice routines for pro athletes in Philadelphia.