Page 2 staff

Biggest choke in sports history by the team with the biggest payroll in the biggest rivalry in sports. Needless to say it's a safe bet that George Steinbrenner is well on his way to insanity. Page 2 looks inside Steinbrenner's head to find out just how far along he is:


"Hey, A-Fraud! I don't pay you to slap! I pay you to hit! Get me Scott Brosius' agent! A-Rod, you're fired!"

"I give you this lineup and you lose to the %&#*% Red Sox? I don't do Visa commercials with anyone. Torre, you're fired!"

"There's no way this guy can be legit. And I don't buy that Christian thing. Get me Howard Spira."

"I told you to play that Billy Ocean song more often. Cashman, you're fired!"

"We need to write a contract for this guy. Someone get me a cocktail napkin. Pedro, you're hired!"

"Get me those guys that cloned the sheep in here and get them to work on the Babe. Oh, everyone else ... you're fired!"