By Jim Caple
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Sure, you watched all the big sporting events in 2004 -- the Red Sox win the World Series, the U.S. women dominate the Olympics and Janet Jackson baring her breast in the Super Bowl -- but were you really paying attention this year? Take the annual Page 2 year in review test and find out.

OK, so you're good at quizzes. We still say you don't know the half of what happened this year.

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  • 1. Where did Janet Jackson show her right breast?
    A. The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue
    B. The Super Bowl
    C. Her brother's trial
    D. A Colorado recruiting trip
    Answer: B

    2. Which lasted the longest?
    A. Roger Clemens' retirement
    B. A-Rod's captaincy of the Rangers
    C. The college bowl season
    D. Britney Spears's marriage
    Answer: A

    3. What did Pete Rose finally admit?
    A. He dyes his hair
    B. He bet on baseball
    C. He cut the cheese that one day on the team bus
    D. His Hall of Fame chances are non-existent
    Answer: B

    4. Whose basketball injury cost him $4 million?
    A. Chris Webber
    B. Kobe Bryant
    C. Aaron Boone
    D. Carmelo Anthony
    Answer: C

    5. What does BALCO stand for?
    A. Bay Area Laboratory Corporation
    B. Bay Area Laboratory Cooperative
    C. Bay Area Laboratory Company
    D. Steroids 'R Us
    Answer: B

    6. Who kicked the game-winning field goal in the Super Bowl?
    A. Morten Anderson
    B. Ray Finkle
    C. John Kasay
    D. Adam Vinatieri
    Answer: D

    7. Who was the Associated Press national champion in college football?
    A. LSU
    B. Oklahoma
    C. USC
    D. Bristol University
    Answer: C

    8. What cost the most money?
    A. Joe Horn's cell phone call
    B. The Bartman baseball
    C. Mickey Mantle's last signed contract
    D. A pair of LeBron James' sneakers
    Answer: B

    9. Who was suspended for the rest of the season for assaulting Steve Moore from behind?
    A. Tie Domi
    B. Paul Kariya
    C. Todd Bertuzzi
    D. Don Zimmer
    Answer: C

    10. Which college won both the men's and the women's Final Four?
    A. Duke
    B. UConn
    C. Stanford
    D. Bristol University
    Answer: B

    11. What did Phil Mickelson overcome on the back nine to win The Masters?
    A. Three strokes
    B. Two strokes
    C. Four strokes
    D. The 800-pound monkey on his back
    Answer: B

    12. Who bought the naming rights to the new baseball stadium in San Diego?
    A. Geico
    B. Petco
    C. Amaco
    D. BALCO
    Answer: B

    13. What sporting honor did President Bush not participate in this spring?
    A. Started the Daytona 500
    B. Threw first pitch of baseball game
    C. Threw first punch in a hockey game
    D. Played golf
    Answer: C

    14. Who appeared as a contestant on The Bachelor?
    A. Former Syracuse forward Kueth Duany
    B. Giants quarterback Jesse Palmer
    C. Indians minor leaguer Grady Sizemore
    D. Kobe Bryant
    Answer: B

    15. Who had a lower batting average in spring training, Greg Vaughn or Garth Brooks?
    Answer: Vaughn

    16. Which religion did NOT have a college in the NCAA tournament?
    A. Lutheran
    B. Catholic
    C. Mormon
    D. Kabbalah
    Answer: D

    17. True or false. A reporter brought up trading Sammy Sosa during President Bush's live nationally televised press conference on Iraq.
    Answer: True

    18. What did the Red Sox become the first baseball team to ever do?
    A. Beat the Yankees in the ALCS
    B. Rally from 3-0 deficit in playoffs
    C. Sweep the World Series
    D. Go the whole season without getting haircuts
    Answer: B

    19. Where is Stanley Cup MVP Martin St. Louis playing this season?
    A. Tampa Bay
    B. Lausaune, Switzerland
    C. Prague, Czech Republic
    D. Beauty and the Beast on Ice
    Answer: B

    20. How long was the Patriots record streak?
    A. 19 wins
    B. 20 wins
    C. 21 wins
    D. So long their "lucky'' jockstraps were deemed toxic waste
    Answer: C

    21. What recent movie was based on a bestselling book about high school football?
    A. "Forty-Yard Times at Ridgemont High''
    B. "Ferris Bueller's Day Off-Tackle"
    C. "Friday Night Lights''
    D. "Breakfast of Champions Club''
    Answer: C

    22. What very rare Florida occurrence took place on Nov. 6?
    A. Miami, Florida and Florida State all lost
    B. the Dolphins and Buccaneers both won
    C. the Devil Rays signed a good player
    D. Presidential voting went off without a hitch
    Answer: A

    23. In his inspiring start against the Yankees, Curt Schilling pitched with what?
    A. A cast on his left hand
    B. Sutures in his ankle
    C. A patch over his eye
    D. Spurs on his boots
    Answer: B

    24. Why did Ron Artest ask for a month off?
    A. Rehab his knee
    B. Rest from his music schedule
    C. Rest his back
    D. Train for his Nov. 19 title bout
    Answer: B

    25. True or false: The CEO replacing Phil Knight at Nike used to run the Drano company.
    Answer: True

    26. What did Yankees fans chant to taunt Pedro Martinez?
    A. Who's Your Daddy?
    B. Who's Your Mommy?
    C. Who's Your Agent?
    D. Who's Your Hairstylist?
    Answer: A

    27. Why isn't the NHL season being played?
    A. Player strike
    B. Owner lockout
    C. Apathy
    Answer: B

    28. How long did the Red Sox go without winning the World Series?
    A. 96 years
    B. 86 years
    C. 56 years
    D. Since Ted Williams head was 98.6 degrees
    Answer: B

    29. True or false: Terrell Owens celebrated a touchdown by leaping into the arms of Nicolette Sheridan.
    Answer: False

    30. What did the Eagles Dhani Jones conduct this fall?
    A. The Philadelphia Pops
    B. a 12-play scoring drive
    C. a United Way food drive
    D. an FCC investigation into the Terrell Owens/Nicollete Sheridan promo
    Answer: A

    31. How many MVP awards has Barry Bonds won?
    A. Six
    B. Seven
    C. Five
    D. 10, counting those he earned with the New York Knights
    Answer: B

    32. Who broke the NCAA career passing record?
    A. Timmy Chang
    B. Michael Chang
    C. Tommy Chong
    D. Rae Dawn Chong
    Answer: A

    33. Who will captain the next U.S. Ryder Cup team?
    A. Mark O'Meara
    B. Hal Sutton
    C. Tom Lehman
    D. Carl Spackler
    Answer: C

    34. Rather than return his gold medal, Olympic gymnast Paul Hamm sold it on eBay for $72,300.
    Answer: False

    35. Who went 11-0 to become the first Coalition team to earn a BCS bowl bid?
    A. BYU
    B. Boise State
    C. Utah
    D. Faber College
    Answer: C

    36. What saved Cleveland pitcher Kyle Denny from a bullet in a drive-by shooting?
    A. His glove
    B. Cheerleader boots he wore
    C. Bible in his pocket
    D. Bullet-Proof Alternate Jersey Day
    Answer: B

    37. Who is Yuta Tabuse?
    A. Shortest player in the NBA
    B. Reigning hot dog eating champ
    C. First Japanese player in NBA
    D. Reigning champ on Iron Chef
    Answer: C

    38. Who won the WNBA championship?
    A. Connecticut Sun
    B. Los Angeles Sparks
    C. Seattle Storm
    D. Connecticut Huskies
    Answer: C

    39. What single-season record did Ichiro break?
    A. Most runs
    B. Most bunts
    C. Most hits
    D. Most Japanese reporters in a clubhouse
    Answer: C

    40. Who won the men's gold medal in basketball?
    A. U.S.
    B. Italy
    C. Greece
    D. Argentina
    Answer: D

    41. How much did the networks pay for the new NFL contract?
    A. $6 billion
    B. $8 billion
    C. $7 billion
    D. Almost as much as a Patriots season ticket
    Answer: B

    42. True or false: Gary Sheffield said he finally ended his friendship with Barry Bonds because Barry stole his personal chef.
    Answer: True

    43. What was the score of the Penn State-Iowa football game?
    A. 6-4
    B. 2-0
    C. 5-2
    D. More than the over
    Answer: A

    44. What will the Expos be called if they move to Washington. D.C.?
    A. The Grays
    B. The Senators
    C. The Nationals
    D. The FedExpos
    Answer: C

    45. What sport was not banned this fall?
    A. Fox hunting
    B. Cock fighting
    C. Arizona Diamondbacks beating
    Answer: C

    46. Which high school had its record 151-game winning streak snapped?
    A. De La Salle
    B. DeMatha
    C. Groton
    D. Ridgemont
    Answer: A

    47. Which famous Washington coach returned to take over the Redskins this season?
    A. Joe Gibbs
    B. George Allen
    C. Vince Lombardi
    D. Richard Nixon
    Answer: A

    48. How many Div. I teams went into their bowl game undefeated?
    A. 2
    B. 4
    C. 5
    D. I was told there would be no math
    Answer: C

    49. What prevented Cal from going to the Rose Bowl for the first time since 1957?
    A. BCS system
    B. Loss to USC
    C. Stanford trombonist
    Answer: A

    50. True or false: Missouri's basketball arena was named for a woman who never attended the school and is accused of cheating to get through USC.
    Answer: True

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