By Jim Caple
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Get in line, guys.

In case you missed it, Anna Benson filed for divorce from Kris, claiming her marriage with the Orioles pitcher is "irrevocably broken." Did she catch him cheating on her? We'll have to wait for The Smoking Gun report but Kris' old and new teammates probably hope so (memo to Carlos Delgado: she won't do it with you unless you're standing up).

Anna is quite a character. There aren't many baseball wives who have competed in the World Series of Poker but haven't been to the actual World Series. Nor are there many baseball wives/models who have their own Web site where they pose in black stockings and a French maid outfit and write open letters blasting Michael Moore and defending the rights of gun owners. Then again, there aren't many people period who appear as guests on Howard Stern and "The O'Reilly Factor."

What will such a Renaissance woman do now that she'll be a single woman again? Among the possibilities are calling up Bill O'Reilly to have him talk dirty to her, having a long conversation with Mrs. Kirilenko, supplementing her income by having the Big Unit's love child and, of course, getting a restraining order against Mr. Met.

And then Anna will do what so many lonely, hurting singles do these days -- pour out her feelings on for everyone to see:

Anna Benson

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