Don't let the economy keep you away from the ballpark   

Updated: April 13, 2009, 7:43 PM ET

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Few fans haven't been affected in some fashion by the sluggish economy. But that doesn't necessarily mean we can't afford to go to the ballpark this season.

Click here for a team-by-team list of savings opportunities.

Page 2 ranks the best ticket offers in the major leagues this season:


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The 20 cheapest MLB tickets

1. Marlins: Unemployed South Florida residents can receive up to four complimentary tickets to select Monday games. … Vehicles with four or more fans receive a $25 voucher toward ticket purchase for select future home games.

2. Orioles: Register online for a free game ticket in your birthday month. January, February and March birthdays are valid for April. October, November and December birthdays are valid for September.

3. Brewers: Uecker Seats are available on the day of the game for $1 on all home dates.

4. Braves: A total of 186 skyline seats are available for $1 each three hours before each game.

5. Athletics: Tickets for more than 9,000 seats are available for $2 each on Wednesdays.

6. Astros: This online special offers a 10-game package for $20.

7. Rockies: Rockpile section tickets are available for $4 each.

8. Dodgers: Los Angeles offers a 12-game plan starting at $48.

9. Pirates: Full season tickets available starting at less than $5 per game. Ten-game plans start at $72.

10. Royals: Most upper-level tickets are $5 for all Monday games, excluding Sept. 21. Fountain seats are available on game days for $7.

11. Reds: Outer View Level tickets are available for $5 each for all games.

12. Tigers: Skyline seats are available for $5 for all games.

13. Nationals: More than 400 grandstand tickets are available for $5 each on the day of the game.

14. Diamondbacks: More than 5,000 seats are available for $5 each to non-premier games.

15. Padres: Park pass standing room tickets are available for $5 each.

16. Blue Jays: Outfield tickets available for $5 to four selected Tuesday dates.

17. Cardinals: Vouchers available at 9 a.m. on game days entitle fans to buy two tickets for $5.50 each 15 minutes before the game.

18. Indians: Buy a six-game pack starting at just $52 and get a seventh game free -- June 1 versus the Yankees.

19. Twins: For all remaining Mondays except May 25 (Memorial Day), home run porch ticket prices reflect the closing of the Dow Jones from the previous Friday. For example, if the Dow closes in the 6,000s, tickets are $6. If the Dow closes in the 7,000s, tickets are $7, and so on.

20. Mariners: Four season tickets for the price of two in selected locations.



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