By Dan Shanoff
Page 2

At the heart of Page 2's Election 2004 coverage are the many points of contention between the two dominant parties, the Purists and the Progressives. Where do they stand on the major issues of our time? The chart below begins to paint the picture, though you'll be hearing directly from the campaigns themselves later this week.

Tune in to Page 2 for up to the minute action in the Race to the SportsNation Presidency:
  • Progressive Party Primary
  • Purist Party Primary
  • And where do you think you stand? Are you a hard-core purist? An unflinching progressive? Maybe you're a little of both -- say: economically conservative but competitively liberal? Or vice versa?

    The ultimate referendum comes on November 2, when Page 2 will offer the chance to vote on the direction of the sports fan nation. Until then, stick with Page 2 for comprehensive campaign coverage of the most competitive political battle in sports history. In the chart below, the battle lines begin to be drawn:

    Category Purist Progressive
    Best era Back then Right now
    Team loyalty Local, through thick and thin Fantasy, shifting annually
    Reaction to sports news Reflective Knee-jerk
    Free agency Has ruined loyalty to teams Fosters competition
    SABRmetricians Geeks Gadflies
    Determining a champ Pollsters Playoffs
    Medium for news Newspapers and magazines Internet
    Pro eligibility After four years of college Whenever they're ready
    Ads on uniforms Never! Get over it
    On-court/-field celebrations Tone it down or be penalized Award extra points for creativity
    "Games" Olympic X
    "Fantasy" Camp League
    Analysis source Scouts Stats
    Rule Changes Why? Why not?
    Performance-Enhancing Drugs Crack down Legalize
    "Amateur" status To be fiercely protected An anachronism
    Controversial mascots Keep them Change them
    Tattoos Hideous Expressive
    Computers Have ruined sports Have made game better
    Ballpark food Hot dog Low-carb
    Announcers Vin (Scully) Stephen A. (Smith)
    Replica jersey Retro Rookie
    Argument TV show Sports Reporters PTI
    Favorite book "Boys of Summer" "Moneyball"
    Dynasties Great for sports Parity is better
    College recruiting Shenanigans part of the experience System needs a complete overhaul
    NCAA Needs reform, but a good institution Eliminate it and replace
    NASCAR "I still don't get it" "Has replaced NHL in Big 4"
    Boxing Sweet science Barbaric
    Hockey At least follows playoffs What's "hockey?"
    Tracking a game Scorecard and a pencil GameCast and "Refresh" button
    Stadium/Arena Retro (Fenway Park) "New Retro" (Fenway barstools)
    Hero Bill Parcells Billy Beane
    Villain Nouveau riche sports owners Hall of Fame voters
    Pete Rose Ban for life Let him in
    Barry Bonds Juicier than an orange Better than Babe
    Instant replay Human error part of game next?
    Bandwagons A dirty word Riding shotgun
    Expanded playoffs Postseason is too big already More teams, more excitement
    Day Games Call in "sick" to work Dude, I have a job
    Franchise contraction Leave our teams alone! Survival of fittest
    Shoe Chuck Taylor What's hottest?
    Stadium accessory Baseball glove Camera-phone
    Halftime shows Up With People (or a marching band) A little skin isn't a bad thing
    "Curses" Ya gotta believe All explainable
    In-game entertainment Organist Dancing hotties

    Dan Shanoff is a columnist for Page 2. His "Daily Quickie" commentary appears every weekday morning.