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With election season in full swing, Page 2 is proud to throw its own hat into the ring with the 2004 Race to the SportsNation Presidency.

We're pretty sure you've already heard enough about the economy, international relations, health care and Vietnam war records. So it's our job to bring the real issues to the American people -- things like free agency, stadium subsidies, drug testing and the designated hitter.

Much like that other race going on, we're a two-party system.

Tune in to Page 2 for up-to-the-minute action in the Race to the SportsNation Presidency:
  • Welcome to Election 2004!
  • Head-to-Head: Progressives vs. Purists
  • The Progressive Party vs. the Purist Party.

    It's primary day. So vote on who you think should represent each party, and the winners will be back tomorrow to introduce themselves and start the age-old tradition of slinging mud at the opposition.

    Exercise your rights, sports fans! Like a great man once said (we're not sure if it was Thomas Jefferson or P. Diddy): "Vote or die!"

    Jake RockwellHank Lombard

    Penelope Sanders