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Updated: September 28, 2009, 3:48 PM ET
By David Fleming | Page 2

Admit it, after last week's column you wanted to see if Minnie wideout Greg Lewis controlled the ball after going to the ground on his last-second, game-winning, 32-yard touchdown catch from Brett Favre.

When I saw a guy in the Redskins jersey leaning over a railing to high-five the triumphant Detroit Lions here's the thought that ran through my mind: With all the blown free agent money and all the poor draft picks and all the starts and stops with new coaches and schemes, is it possible that the mantle has been passed, that Daniel Snyder and VP of football ops Vinny Cerrato are the new William Clay Ford and Matt Millen?

David Fleming

Among the words of wisdom I heard last week from Philly special teams coach Ted Daisher: "There are no second downs on special teams." And this: With a kick returner on grass, anything that goes over his head at the 8-yard line he should let go. On turf? Let everything go at the 10.

You could argue that the entire game of football comes down to one thing: Can the offense fool the safety or the middle linebacker into taking one step in the wrong direction?

You realize that the Lions now have the same record as the Steelers.

Question: When did NFL players get so lazy that they require trainers to actually squeeze the water into their mouths for them? Listen, if you're too tired to hold your own water bottle and/or squeeze your own water bottle, then you should be more concerned about your cardiovascular training than your hydration. Besides, this is not as easy as it looks. Subcontracting out hydration work can be dangerous. What if the guy just wants a splash of water and he gets too full? Or, the guy squeezes too hard and floods a nostril? Or the water shoots down the wrong tube? Is there anything worse than a soggy chin strap?

More than 700 yards in the last two weeks, one more strong performance and Kevin Kolb, whose contract expires after next season, can name his price.

It took Marvin Lewis only six years, but the Bengals finally have a significant, regime-defining, win.

You would think the NFL could spring for some new clothes so the Jets' assistant coaches didn't have to wear green when the rest of the team was in the old blue-and-gold Titans of New York get-ups.

Vikes wideout Percy Harvin was not on the field for the winning TD catch because he was winded? Biggest play of the season so far, and he's on the bench catching his breath? That's odd.

I'll remind you that in 2002 the Titans started 1-4 and made it all the way to the AFC Championship Game (before losing to Oakland). That said, if the season continues to go south, at least the Titans will get a chance to put Vince Young back in to see what he can do.

The Patriots haven't lost back-to-back games since 2006, and their 2009 defense has yet to give up more than 300 yards in a game.

In his farewell to New Jersey on Thursday night, Bono made mention of Bruce and the Giants but snubbed the Jets.

I don't know what's worse in Seattle: those pajama tops they wore on Sunday or all this talk about the 12th man in the stands, when the team has lost seven of its past 10 at home.

47.6. 46.0. 22.6. If JaMarcus Russell's QB rating continues to decline like this he'll register a 0.0 in two weeks against the Giants. Actually, that seems about right.

I'm told there were more Rams fans than Cheeseheads inside the Edwards Jones Dome. My question: why?

They should have one of those doomsday clocks in Buffalo for the inevitable full-throttle T.O. meltdown, which, I'm guessing, will hit sometime in the next seven days.

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