Game on! Golf should be an Olympic sport   

Updated: August 15, 2008, 5:32 PM ET

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Editor's note: Throughout the Olympics, Page 2 writers will argue the merits of including various sports in the Games. We begin with DJ Gallo on golf.

First off, let's all agree that golfers would not be the most athletic competitors in the Olympics. I am not arguing that. They would not be dual threats able to compete in the decathlon or gymnastics. But let's also agree that golf requires more athleticism than (or at least an equal amount of athleticism as) riding a horse in dressage, shooting or any number of other Olympic "sports."

Here are five other reasons golf should be in the Olympics:

The Olympic movement claims to espouse ethics. In golf, each competitor polices himself or herself, calls penalties and keeps score. There is no corrupt French or Russian judge to say: "Tiger Woods dropped that 45-foot putt square into the hole, sure. But it didn't have the artistic merit I was looking for. Big deductions."

International Appeal
Unlike many Olympic sports, golf is played around the world. No matter where you go on the globe, you risk having some annoying guy tell you about the highs and lows of his last round.

Fifth Major
Every four years, golf fans would be treated to another prestigious, high-pressure event. Sergio Garcia's career can't be complete without him also not winning a gold medal.

U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!
We would be good at it. Isn't that the requirement for sports being added to the Games? Snowboarding, freestyle skiing, BMX biking. I mean, we always get at least the "silver" in the Ryder Cup, right?

No More Having To Decide Who Carries Our Flag Into The Opening Ceremonies
That's what caddies are for.


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