Play NCAA football with deck of cards!

Originally Published: April 14, 2011
By DJ Gallo | Page 2

Video games have long captured the excitement of college football on the field, but we still haven't had a game that gives us the realism of building a winner off the field.

Until today.

Unfortunately, I don't have the ability to design a video game. All I have is a deck of playing cards, some dice and a pencil and paper -- which is all you need for this game!

To play Page 2's NCAA Football 2012/Forever, just get the materials listed above, two or more players and have the ability to count.

Directions: Draw a card from the deck. Check what the card is worth in the chart below. If the card's value is starred, you must follow your turn with a roll of the dice (see the dice chart at the bottom). Once every card in the deck is drawn, the game is over. Tally up all of the points for each player in the game. The player with the most points has won the BCS championship! The player with the least fires his head coach. Have fun!

Playing card values

2 of spades/clubs: Your quarterback has been named to the All-Conference Academic team! As a chemistry major! (-25 points)

3 of spades/clubs: You have filled your nonconference schedule with competitive teams from good conferences. (-20 points)

4 of spades/clubs: Under pressure from activist professors on campus, your program has raised its academic baseline for admittance. (-15 points)

5 of spades/clubs: Your program has a graduation rate. (-5 points)

6 of spades/clubs: Your quarterback has been named to the All-Conference Academic team! As a general studies major. (+1 point)

7 of spades/clubs: Your players' illegal tattoos are mostly concealed by their uniforms. (+5 points)

8 of spades/clubs: The new hire on your staff has spent significant time in the SEC and has a cellphone plan with unlimited texting. (+10 points)

9 of spades/clubs: Your school's president regularly touts the superiority of the BCS system and enjoys making fun of non-BCS conferences in public. (+10 points)

10 of spades/clubs: You beat the 60-point spread against the I-AA team you scheduled for your home opener. (+15 points)

★ Jack of spades/clubs: Your new recruiting coordinator has been linked to several recruiting scandals, but never formally punished. (+20 points)

★ Queen of spades/clubs: Your school's wealthiest alum likes to carry large amounts of cash. (+35 points)

★ King of spades/clubs: Your head coach makes more than 25 times what the state governor makes. (+40 points)

★ Ace of spades/clubs: Your star quarterback's Lamborghini is less than two years old. (+75 points)

2 of hearts/diamonds: Your team has the best graduation rate in the conference. (-40 points)

3 of hearts/diamonds: Your head coach regularly has his staff check in on players to make sure they are attending class. (-20 points)

4 of hearts/diamonds: Your head coach threw a player off the team after he got arrested. (-5 points)

5 of hearts/diamonds: Your head coach threw a starter off the team after he got arrested. (-25 points)

6 of hearts/diamonds: Many of the seats in your stadium are affordable for someone making the average salary in your state. (-10 points)

7 of hearts/diamonds: Your team has had the same classic uniform for decades, greatly hurting jersey sale revenues. (-5 points)

8 of hearts/diamonds: Your school has a strict honor code that it enforces. (-5 points)

9 of hearts/diamonds: Your school has a strict honor code that it openly ignores. (+5 points)

10 of hearts/diamonds: After a few subpar seasons, your head coach is under intense pressure to win or he will likely lose his job. (+15 points)

★ Jack of hearts/diamonds: Your top recruit surprisingly decommitted from a better team at the last moment and signed with you. (+20 points)

★ Queen of hearts/diamonds: Your head coach has written a book about leadership and ethics. (+30 points)

★ King of hearts/diamonds: Most of your offensive and defensive line is currently awaiting trial. (+50 points)

★ Ace of hearts/diamonds: ESPN "30 for 30" producers are already doing research on your team for a future documentary. (+100 points)


• Roll 25 consecutive snake eyes and you have been punished by the NCAA! (Lose 1 point.)

DJ Gallo is the founder of His first book, "The View from the Upper Deck," is available from only the finest bargain-book retailers. His next book project will be released soon. You can follow him on Twitter at @DJGalloESPN.

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