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Editor's note: Well, who would've guessed it after last Saturday -- but Yanks-Sox is going to Game 7, again. So it seems like the perfect time to take a look back at some Page 2 content from the past that seems very appropriate for this historic day in the sports world.

If the Yankees lose Wednesday night, they might shoot straight to the top on several of our lists:

  • Worst choke artists of all time

  • Most shocking moments in MLB history

  • Most painful losses in MLB history

  • Greatest collapses in sports history

  • Greatest moments for Yankee haters

    If the Red Sox win, they will erase a lot of pain in the city of Boston.

    Tortured Sports Cities: Boston
    Boston has suffered plenty of heartbreaking sports moments over the years.

    The Sports Guy: Boston Massacre?
    Sure, Boston sports fans have suffered because of the Sox. But how is Boston one of the most tortured sports cities?

    From the Sports Guy Mansion West to the Simmons Family Compound back East, it's all Red Sox Nation, all the time:
  • ALCS Game 6 Revisited
  • ALCS Game 5 Revisited
  • ALCS Pre-Game 4 Chat
  • ALCS Game 3 Quick Thoughts
  • ALCS Game 2 Diary
  • ALCS Game 1 Diary
  • ALCS Q&A
  • ALCS Breakdown
  • Caple: The Misery Index
    Which baseball fans suffer the most misery? Welcome to the Page 2 Misery Ratings, where all franchises are graded from No. 1 to No. 30.

    Neel: Misery, from 1 to 25
    Page 2's Eric Neel ranks baseball's most misery-inducing moments from the past 25 years.

    Murphy: Art-a-choke
    When it comes to deciding games, Page 2's Brian Murphy looks forward to the pleasure and pain of The Choke.

    Hays: No Choke?
    What if the biggest chokes of the past 25 years never happened? The sports world would be very different.


    You saw links to The Sports Guy's ALCS commentary up above. But it's been a long season, full of ups and downs -- as evidenced by Mr. Simmons' Red Sox ramblings over the last few months.

    The Sports Guy: Who's A-Job? (5/24)
    The A-Rod Yankees aren't as intimidating as the Bombers of the past and Bill Simmons knows why.

    The Sports Guy: The bright side (7/01)
    With the Red Sox delivering another less than stellar season, Bill Simmons tries to provide a positive spin.

    The Sports Guy: You gotta believe (9/01)
    Even Yankee fans must admit -- looks like the Red Sox have a real chance of catching up this year.

    The Sports Guy: Hopelessly devoted (9/29)
    Bill Simmons is back in Boston to catch some of the Red Sox-Yankees action. He's not sure he can take all this again.


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