By LZ Granderson
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The Golden Globe nominations were announced last week and once again Terrell Owens was not named. A travesty, I know. Frankly I can't see how members of the nominating committee can sleep at night, especially given the body of work Owens consistently puts out there.

Do they honestly think it's easy to keep coming up with stupid things to do to get attention? True, he's not Paris or Britney or Lindsay, but still.

Terrell Owens
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"I am almost humbled by this award you have so rightfully bestowed upon me."

The man tried to commit suicide (or not), for heaven's sake. Is that not worth something to you people? Now that he has been fined $35K for spitting in DeAngelo Hall's face, the underappreciated thespian must reach deep inside to portray himself as a man unfairly targeted as he files an appeal to the NFL. Not even De Niro has the nerve to try to pull that off.

Meryl Streep? Overrated.

T.O. is the true American drama queen.

But Barry Bonds is gaining ground. His gripping work in "Hate The Needler, Not The Needlee" brought a sense of earthiness that hasn't been seen since Latrell Sprewell's gut-wrenching turn in "I Gots A Family To Feed."

What of Sir George Karl? True, his best work came after the nominations were already announced, but hopefully it's not too late for Oscar consideration. His incredulous outrage over accusations that he was trying to run the score up against the Knicks is unparalleled. Go to YouTube and see it for yourself. It's powerful stuff. I mean, few believe Isiah, but Karl? Breathtaking. James Lipton has been trying to book him on "Inside the Actor's Studio" ever since the melee in New York. Funny. It's a "melee" in basketball, but in hockey it's just a "fight." Must be a marketing thing.

Anyway, I even heard White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen and Steelers linebacker Joey Porter both reached out to Karl looking for pointers. It's a good thing, too. Those guys gave dreadful performances in their respective flops, "I Didn't Know The Word 'F-----' Would Be Offensive To Gay People" and "If I Offended Anyone I Am Sorry."

Yes, the Globes' omission of Owens and others is a perfect example of why the ratings for award shows in general continue to spiral. The people in Hollywood are simply out of touch with the American people. How could you not be moved by Wayne Gretzky's "Hey, I didn't gamble, but I can't speak for my wife" press conference?

Stephen Jackson
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Stephen Jackson should get special consideration from the Academy for performing his own stunts.

Who is not impressed that Stephen Jackson did his own stunts outside of that strip club?

Go ahead, Tinseltown, keep snubbing these great performances. One day you'll see that while you're producing sequels and remakes, the fresh dramas – coupled with hyperbolic press junkets – are coming from the world of sports. Speaking of press, there is a rumor going around that suggests all may not be lost this year. It appears the Academy is considering honoring sports journalists, and commentators such as myself, with a lifetime achievement award. Yes, it's exciting news, I know.

According to an unaccredited blogger, the members of the Academy are impressed with our ability to passionately demonize an athlete when he does something wrong, while simultaneously dismissing all of their philanthropy as tax shelters, or as we like to say in the biz, "not newsworthy." Case in point: Carmelo Anthony has donated more than $5 million to charity. Boring. Carmelo Anthony throws a sucker punch at the Garden and then backpedals all the way to Denver? Now that's hot. Who cares if the kid has done more volunteer work in his four years in the league than most of us will do in our entire lives? Screaming "he's a thug" into the mic is better for ratings. Besides, we don't have the time to cover the good and the bad in a two-hour show. Something had to go, you know, like the deleted scenes of a movie.

Anyway, from my understanding, it's a toss-up between us and Harry Whittington, the guy Dick Cheney accidentally capped during a hunting trip back in February. I gotta admit, Whittington's work in "It's My Fault I Got Shot In The Face" is going to be hard to beat this year.

Our only hope is to get an analyst in front of a camera and have him feverishly talk about T.O. – again. Either that or go camp out in Denver and hope that Allen Iverson skips out on practice or something. Yeah, that's it: A.I. vs. Sir George Karl. Now that's hot.

LZ Granderson is a senior writer for ESPN the Magazine and host of the ESPN360 talk show "Game Night." He is currently working on his first book. LZ can be reached at