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Updated: February 27, 2008, 6:45 PM ET

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SportsCenter's "Greatest Highlight" bracket culminates with the 1980 U.S. hockey team's Miracle on Ice going up against Boise State's Statue of Liberty play from the 2007 Fiesta Bowl. Voting continues through Sunday.

These are both great highlights, but this got us thinking … what makes the ultimate Page 2 highlight? Sometimes, it's total absurdity. Other times, it's an awesome visual. Most times, it's severe embarrassment at the expense of someone else.

Take a peek at our 20 finalists and vote for your favorite. Good luck getting any work done once you start watching these. Enjoy.

Highlights 20-11 appear on this page. Click here for highlights 10-1.

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20. Rodney McCray goes through the outfield wall

We begin our video journey with a classic minor league baseball clip. Vancouver Canadians outfielder Rodney McCray crashed through the wall at Portland's Civic Stadium in pursuit of a deep fly on May 27, 1991, providing Jumbotron blooper fodder in perpetuity. Fifteen years later, the Portland Beavers paid tribute to McCray with a bobblehead of him crashing through the fence.

19. Rod Allen charges the mound

If you live in Michigan or have the MLB Extra Innings package, you probably know Rod Allen as the analyst for Tigers TV broadcasts. He also played three seasons in Japan (1989-1991) and put a memorable scare into a pitcher over there.

18. Greg Paulus: Hall of Fame flopper

Give Paulus credit for never giving up. As Duke was headed for a first-round upset loss to Virginia Commonwealth in the 2007 NCAA Tournament, he tried to draw a charge. Instead, Paulus might be guilty of the worst flop ever.

17. Unbelievable high school football ending

In the 1994 Texas high school playoffs, Plano East turned a late 24-point deficit into a three-point lead thanks to three consecutive onside kick recoveries. It gets even better after that. Make sure to watch the entire clip for a surprise ending and riveting commentary.

16. Riding the giant

For those of you who don't think surfing is a sport, answer this question: Would Tom Brady do this? Check out Mike Parsons, being towed in by Brad Gerlach, riding Maui's "Jaws."

15. Phil Wellman goes nuts

We laughed. We cried -- because we were laughing so hard. Here's another look at a tantrum for the ages by the Mississippi Braves' manager. He was suspended three games for the outburst, but Page 2 thinks it was well worth it.

14. Get your mind out of the gutter

Del Ballard Jr. needed only seven pins to win the 1991 PBA Fair Lanes Open -- basically he just had to keep it on the lane -- but, um … see for yourself.

13. Lindsey Jacobellis showboats

Jacobellis was about to capture gold in the snowboard cross at the 2006 Winter Olympics. Then she got the bright idea to become a hot dog.

12. Worst first pitch ever
Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory made baseball history … but not in a good way.

11. Spelling bee spill

Give it up for Akshay Buddiga. He got up off the canvas to place second at the 2004 national spelling bee. He's a gamer. … But why didn't anybody go to help him?

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