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New Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart wasn't the only person keeping a draft diary for this year. The Page 2 staff has been aware of the Leinart-Paris Hilton love connection for months, so we commissioned Paris to keep her own NFL draft diary ...

From the diary of ... PARIS HILTON

Paris Hilton
"Don't be shy Matty!"

April 4
I'm borrowing Matt's computer to write this. I usually use my Sidekick, but I lost it again at The Palms in Vegas.

Matt was so cute the other day, telling me how all his football buddies were watching one of my movies after Matt told everyone we were dating.

I asked Matt if it was "House of Wax" or "Zoolander." He said it wasn't either of those. He said he forgot which one it was, then he started talking on his cell phone (which is totally weird because I didn't hear it ring).

Still, all the guys are so supportive! I wish my friends would want to know more about the guys I went out with.

April 12
Matt was kind of bummed today. He had to fire Jerry Maguire as his agent. Now he's with this guy named Condon or something. Omigod. That is sooo funny. Seriously, say that name really fast. Hold on, I totally have to text that to Lindsay.

Had a huge blowout with Matt last night. You tell me … can I date a guy who stays at a Marriott? I don't know, I really don't know.

April 21
I asked Matt if I could take one of these Wanna-lick tests I kept hearing all the football players had to take ... sounded like fun. But it was hard! I thought I totally flunked, but Matt told me I did better than that other guy Vince. That made me feel better.

Matt Leinart at the Pure
"My Mr. MVP was Mr. VIP at Pure."

April 29
Found out that some guy named Mario was the first pick. He got $54 million over six years. How sad is that? I thought these guys made a ton of money or something.

But, forget about the money, why did the Texans take Mario first? Come on -- if the North Carolina State defense was so effective in the ACC, don't you think it would have had a better record against Top 25 schools? And how often does a player of Reggie Bush's caliber come along in our lifetime? Twice? The Saints got a steal on draft day, let me tell you, and I just hope next year I'm in a fantasy league with the guys who run the Texans -- can you say repeat champion? Whatever …

It was so sad watching Matt sit there in that room while all the other players got picked. I wish Tinkerbell would've been there to give him a big kiss to lift his spirits. Brian always liked Tinkerbell.

Matt finally got picked at No. 10. That's my favorite number -- because it describes me! The Arizona Cardinals took him. That's hot. Seriously, it's like 1,000 degrees there.

April 30
I just got a call from some woman named Brenda Warner. She said she wanted to be my partner on the next "Simple Life." So I Googled her real quick -- and like, whoa, scary! So I said no thanks. Then she threatened to kill me and Matt! What a b----! She sounds worse than Nicole …

Matt looked at the Cardinals' schedule today and said I'm not allowed to go to the game on October 16 because they're playing the Bears and he might feel jealous. I felt so bad -- I started laughing hysterically. Like I'm going to go to any of these games? Especially if Matt's just sitting on his ass?

May 1
Got another call today from some chick named Anna Benson. I guess she's married to some baseball player. Anyway, we, like, totally hit it off! She gave me some great tips on monogamy and how to handle Matt and his teammates. We're gonna do sushi next week.

May 2
Matt and I met with Matt's coach, Dennis, and some other of the team's staff, to work on Matt's contract. I demanded use of the team's yacht -- turns out it doesn't have one! What the hell? Matt says there's a team down in Miami ... that's hot. I'm flying down there tomorrow to meet with some guy named Mick Saber ...

Also, while I'm down there, I'm going to start picking out Matt's new entourage. When he signs his new contract, he'll be able to afford a lot better than Nick Lachey!