Time for a 'Madden' Makeover

Originally Published: July 31, 2009
By Patrick Hruby | Page 2

From shimmering, pixelated sweat to painstakingly recreated body tattoos, characters in sports video games are becoming more realistic-looking all the time. Well, except for the upcoming "Madden NFL 10" on the Wii, which is eschewing true-to-life appearances for stylized, cartoonish player models that wouldn't be out of place in a Pixar movie.

Think ultra-lanky wide receivers, with broomstick arms and legs like runway models'.

Think stocky, top-heavy linebackers, with cannonball shoulders to shame Dwight Howard.

Think "heroic leader" -- EA Sports' words, not ours -- quarterbacks, who all resemble dreamy Tom Brady. (Actually, Madden 10's QBs all have wide shoulders and small waists, much like heroic leader Winston Churchill).

The goal? According to EA, Madden 10's art team wanted to "inject personality" into the game. Amen. Who doesn't crave a little more personality while throwing yet another bomb to Randy Moss? In fact, Page 2 believes the venerable video football franchise's revamp of wide receivers, linebackers, quarterbacks, linemen and running backs didn't go far enough.

Herein, our suggestions for adding even more personality to Madden 10: