Hey, maybe we can look for some comebacks   

Updated: November 14, 2007, 4:12 PM ET

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Just as Vinny Testaverde did for quarterbacks earlier this season, Priest Holmes made a dramatic return to the Chiefs' starting lineup on Sunday and gave hope to all retired running backs. While these runners may think they're too old, too injured or just too crummy to still play in the NFL, there's still hope. Just ask the fans keeping the dream alive with these jerseys.

As always, remember to check our blog for daily updates at straightcashhomey.net, and if you find a candid shot of a gem jersey, e-mail it to us at badjerseyblog@gmail.com. Who knows, next week we could be running your snapshot of a man in an Adrian Murrell Jets jersey!

Natrone Means Natrone Means, Jacksonville Jaguars: Natrone Means is a two-time Straight Cash Homey inductee, which means more to him than any Super Bowl ring ever could. (Found by Jonathan in Jacksonville, Fla.)

Lee Suggs

Lee Suggs, Cleveland Browns: This lady's not ready to buy a Jamal Lewis jersey yet; she likes a running back who can stand the test of time. (Found by Chris in Dayton, Ohio)

Napolean Kaufman Napoleon Kaufman, Oakland Raiders: Note to anybody looking at this jersey: "Just Wince, Baby." (Found by Aaron in Philadelphia)

Terry Allen Terry Allen, Washington Redskins: If you think Clinton Portis likes costumes, Terry Allen dressed up every day as Guy Who Had One Really Great Season. (Jon and Robert in Washington, D.C.)

Eddie George Eddie George, Dallas Cowboys: Eddie George was Julius Jones and Marion Barber all in one back ... then he signed with the Cowboys. (Found by Preston in Dallas)

Ki-Jana Carter Ki-Jana Carter, Cincinnati Bengals: When the first pick of a loaded draft gets hurt before playing his first game, you just want to keep being reminded of it every time you go to your closet. (Found by Devin in Kansas City, Mo.)



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