What could be better than an obscure sweater?   

Updated: December 19, 2007, 10:58 AM ET

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Hockey sweaters may be the most elusive species of random outdated jerseys. They're too hot to wear outside during the summer, and in the winter, they're always covered with coats. So it was tough waiting for enough submissions for an NHL special, but our only other option was to follow Kevin Smith around for a week while taking his picture. The time has come to honor some of our favorite forgotten NHL tenures.

As always, remember to check our blog for daily updates at straightcashhomey.net, and if you find a candid shot of a gem jersey, e-mail it to us at badjerseyblog@gmail.com. Who knows, next week we could be running your snapshot of a wishful-thinking fan in an Arturs Irbe Canucks jersey!

Zarley Zalapski Zarley Zalapski, Hartford Whalers: Once upon a time, editors were excited to use "Z.Z.'s Tops!" headlines someday when Zalapski won something. They're still waiting. (Found by Zev in London, Ontario)

Denis Savard Denis Savard, Tampa Bay Lightning: Most people remember Savard's Hall of Fame career with the Blackhawks before coaching the team, but this guy knows the truth: once a Lightning, always a Lightning. (Found by Chris in Tampa, Fla.)

Roman Cechmanek Roman Cechmanek, Philadelphia Flyers: Roman was famous for using his head on saves. If only this fan used her head on picking a jersey. (Found by Steve in Philadelphia)

Darius Kasparaitis Darius Kasparaitis, New York Islanders: It's hard wearing this jersey to a restaurant or bar. No matter what you order, you end up getting a plate of Gorton's fish sticks. (Found by Matty in Jacksonville, Fla.)

Pavel Bure

Pavel Bure, New York Rangers: For most of his career, Pavel Bure was the Russian Rocket. In New York he was more like one of those old rockets you see in museums. Still Russian, though! (Found by Matthew in New York)



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