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The only thing sports geeks might take more seriously than their sports are video games about sports. We can hardly blame them, considering a Hawks-Bobcats game is at least 10 times more exciting on NBA Live than actually live. So it wasn't surprising that the new sports titles at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), which closed Friday after a four-day run at the L.A. Convention Center, created buzz larger than Maria Sharapova would at a nude beach.

In a few short months, sports gaming types will have the opportunity to be blown away by the next generation technologies of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and serious improvements in games for the "old fashioned" Xbox, PS2 and GameCube. The big boys of software are ready with new features and story lines, in the traditional franchises (EA's Madden), new spins on old ones (Midway's "Blitz- The League." Think Playmakers, digitized), and totally new creations (989's "Road to Sunday," where football, gambling, organized crime, and underground fighting competitions form a happy union), among others. And that's just pigskin. We have seen the future of video game sports, people, and it is freakin' sick.

But for every surefire hit, there are dozens more concepts that are simply the gaming equivalent of drafting DeSagana Diop. A really bad idea. So we decided to dig a little deeper to find those titles that never made it out of development. As it turns out, there are plenty of interesting sports games that will never see daylight. A sampling:

HOLDOUT! The Terrell Owens Contract Game
The Game: It's you, T.O., vs. Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie. Your mission? To overcome years of Philadelphia history and make your holdout pay off. Our "agent action" feature allows you to control Drew Rosenhaus, writing his press releases and conducting his interviews to become a master of "spin meistering."

Special Features: Use our "holdout downtime" feature to create exciting '05 end-zone dances and design even tighter fitting Under Armour.

Kellen Winslow's Motocross Follies
The Game: The brash TE insists a motorcycle can be mastered on the fly? Let's see what he's really got. Follow Kellen's antics as he takes on Jeremy McGrath, Nate Adams, Travis Pastrana,, without a lick of instruction. The more dangerous, the better. For bonus points, try to rewrite your contract to receive bonuses after accidents!

Special Features: Why limit Cleveland's highest profile ACL tear to one extreme sport, when so many others can senselessly blow his knee out? See Kellen skate a half pipe, ski jump or ride a bull. There are a million ways to crush his bones. Find them all.

Latrell Sprewell's "Feed My Family"
The Game: Join Latrell Sprewell as he attempts to feed his family on a $14,625,000 salary. Move with Latrell as he negotiates the exciting world of food shopping, including bargain cheeses, TV dinners, and "jam" sandwiches. Fully licensed by Costco; advanced gamers will also experience the dizzying heights and terrifying lows of bulk shopping while trying to stretch a dollar during lean times.



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