"The Fantastic Foursome"
A space mission gone awry leaves Iron Mike with special powers -- invisibility, elasticity, rock hardness, and the ability to control fire. By day, he uses his powers in the ring -- invisibility to cover up for fading mobility. Elasticity to add reach to punches, since he's no longer quick enough to get inside. Fire to put heat on his opponents, and rock solid strength to add sock to a once lethal right hook. But by night, those same powers are used on the ladies in huge, Roman style orgies. Invisibility to sneak and seduce. Flames for the fireplace, to better manage the mood. Elasticity to extend, rock hardness for … you get the point.

"Million Dollar Babydoll"
A female boxer enlists Tyson to help her train for a run at the title. Reluctantly, Tyson agrees, but only after dressing him up like "Razor" Ruddock, about whom Tyson once said: "I'm gonna make you my girlfriend. I can't wait to get my hands on a pretty thing like you." The action heats up in the ring, as Tyson's protégé tears through the ranks … and in the bedroom, where Tyson's protégé fulfills every Ruddock fantasy Tyson has ever harbored.

"Eternal Sunshine of the Dirty Mind"
His relationship with Robin Givens having turned sour, Tyson enlists the aid of a hot female brain doctor who will zap all memory of Givens from his brain. But instead of erasing all the bad memories his doctor puts in happy … and dirty ones. Visions of naked ladies mix with bitten ears. Voluptuous coeds with posh digs for his collection of pigeons. Tawdry escapades with … tawdry escapades.

"Must Love Dogs"
Lonely and broke Mike Tyson, looking for love, places an ad online (well, a friend actually does the typing) for a personal ad, letting prospective women know that they need to be okay with a dog of a man. After a series of disappointing meetings (that nonetheless end in one night stands), a sexy red head, thinking Iron Mike is a canine lover, meets him at the local Starbucks with her cocker spaniel in tow. They laugh, then love, over the miscommunication.

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