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You can subscribe to the Tony Dungy theory of playoff preparation, but you can't argue with the following statement: A 16-0 season is a greater accomplishment than a Super Bowl championship.

Dungy has good reason to scoff at this contention. His job is to win a Super Bowl, and he might never have a better chance.


Someone wins the Super Bowl every year. No team has ever won every game of a 16-game regular season.

Really, it's that simple.

In an unrelated matter:

There's a mini-controversy in Daytona Beach, Fla., involving Vince Carter, his mom and some fuzzy-thinking do-gooders on the local school board.

Carter donated $2.5 million for the construction of a new gymnasium at his alma mater, Mainland High School. His mom, always proud of her son and sometimes a little on the stagey side, wants to fund a statue of Vince outside the gym.

You can probably see this coming from wherever you happen to be, but some of the school board members believe a statue will send the wrong message. It'll be another monument to misplaced priorities, the victory of money over education, sports over academics, the whole nine.

One board member brought up the contributions to science and medicine and math and maybe even stamped concrete made by Mainland alumni -- without being specific -- then asked, "Where are their statues?"

To which we must ask: Where's their $2.5 million contribution?

If Mr. Science from Mainland puts up a few million to build a lab on campus, then by all means put a statue of him out front.

This Week's List

• Your track record is strong enough that we'll forget about this forever if you just don't bring it up again: Vince Young's post-Heisman disappointment, which verged on pouting.

• For those of us who, believe it or not, have no interest in fantasies that include men kicking field goals, they might as well run Chuck Wagon and the Wheels lyrics across the top of the screen: Added to the list of things we really don't need -- a crawl of up-to-the-minute fantasy league statistics during televised games.

• The early word from the baseball clubhouses: Amphetamine testing will have a bigger impact on the game than steroid testing.

• Three things you can expect to see if the greenie testing has any teeth: (1) spring training lineups on day games after night games; (2) massive increase in Red Bull consumption in training rooms; (3) zero triples.

• When Bud Selig disagrees with something in his game, he stands tall and ... oh, never mind: David Stern's ESPN chat last week was highlighted by a revelation that he -- like all right-thinking people -- dislikes the in-game cacophony from NBA public-address systems.

• One thing is for sure, though: The players on the bench in street clothes sure look good as they listen to the annoying music play through the PA system.

• Oh, and one other thing, to be fair: Stern really has no ability to do anything about it, since focus groups indicate fans like to be assaulted with "We Will Rock You" in precise 7.5-second intervals.



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