Cut, wrapped and sold -- everything's a commercial: After watching the Rolling Stones offend no one and entertain no one Sunday, it became clear that Janet Jackson's performance two years ago forever ended even the idea of any sort of cutting-edge Super Bowl entertainment.

One reason to like George Karl: His teams still occasionally run a legitimate full-court press.

After watching St. Mary's get jobbed by a hometown clock operator and some questionable officiating, the question has to be asked: Is Gonzaga the new Duke?

They frustrated and confused both Adam Morrison and Nick Fazekas: The St. Mary's Gaels.

How they handled Morrison: They beat his ass up, that's how.

Just one more reason we're proud to be American: Scott Baird, a 54-year-old curler from Minnesota, will become the oldest Winter Olympian.

The good thing is, global warming eventually will cause palm trees to sprout in midtown Manhattan, thereby eliminating the need to worry: According to "Outside The Lines," the NFL has entertained the notion of moving the conference championship games to neutral sites.

Everybody's sentimental favorite lets it all hang out: Jerome Bettis managed to drop all modesty and hail himself at a pretty good clip after the game ended Sunday.

Tim Keown is a senior writer for ESPN The Magazine.

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