Worth rooting for: Jimmy Rollins.

I've been reading for weeks about how improved the Dodgers are going to be this year, but there's one thing lacking: A valid reason.

Drawing a parallel, until it hurts: The Associated Press' early story on the title game noted, "The 6-foot-11 son of tennis star Yannick Noah dunked, swatted shots and dominated the game, much as his dad did during his run to the French Open title in 1983."

After his sterling game plan against UCLA, there are some who believe he should write the school a check: LSU coach John Brady, who made it clear he isn't interested in pitting one school against another, also made it clear he believes he deserves cash compensation for taking his team to the Final Four.

You almost could see every high school coach in America sitting at home slowing down the TiVo with a legal pad in their laps: Florida's inbound plays under its own basket are exquisite.

Because, frankly, you might not be able to learn those inbound plays and study the less important stuff at the same time: It appears the major of choice among the "student-athletes" at the University of Florida is Leisure Management.

The main objective of the curriculum? To teach the students to relax, but also teach enough about business to put the students in a position to someday run a yoga salon.

And finally, America hasn't been this disinterested in a retirement story since Roger Clemens: The daily updates on the employment status of … well … Roger Clemens, need to end.

Tim Keown is a senior writer for ESPN The Magazine. Sound off to Page 2 here.


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