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So here we go with the Detroit stuff -- a blue-collar team in a blue-collar town, all woven together by the Marlboro-injected genius of Jim Leyland.

There's nothing like the World Series and the Super Bowl to turn the images into reality. The Tigers are going to be blue-collar whether they are or not, and really, how many baseball teams are blue-collar these days?

There's really no cure for this, especially since the Tigers put everyone in the media in the unenviable position of filling space for seven days before they play again. The same fate will befall the National League team, but the duration will be mercifully shorter.

What is it about these things that turns everyone so gooey? We're a land of cynics during the regular season, and a land of misty-eyed sentimentalists the second the postseason starts.

Analytical all year, a lot of the paid experts will base World Series predictions on goofy stuff like momentum and team chemistry, stuff that really has nothing to do with who wins a baseball game.

Me? I'm going with the Tigers. If you've been paying any attention at all, you can see they're this year's Team of Destiny.

Plus, you can't beat their blue-collar ethic.

This Week's List

Must be what happens when you hire a guy whose résumé comes with a copy of "Pros and Cons": University of Miami television analyst Lamar Thomas was fired after saying a bunch of incredible stuff during the Miami-FIU brawl, including something slightly coherent regarding heading down to the field on an elevator to get himself some.

But the good part is: I've decided to start calling my home "The OB," just because I like the sound of it.

Oh, and one other good part: There's a job open for Steve Lyons.

If I need to bring a bookmark with me to read the statistic, I'm guessing it just ain't worth the time: During Monday night's game we were educated to the fact that no NFL team has lost two consecutive games in a season in which they have entered the fourth quarter leading by at least two touchdowns.

You mean, like, legally? It was reported Monday that Mike Tyson, as part of his Pity Me Tour, would consider fighting women.

You can say what you want about the postseason and heart and whatever else, but understand this: If Lou Piniella succeeds in getting A-Rod to the Cubs, the decision to hire him as manager will be worth twice what they pay him.

To which the old guy in me says, "Yeah, right, so that means Goose Gossage threw 112": When the steroidal radar guns currently in use for the playoffs show every other guy throwing 98, it's tough to take any of it seriously.

Must have been a nice Jeep, is all I can say: Police in the Dominican Republic issued an arrest warrant for White Sox shortstop Juan Uribe and his bodyguard, who are suspected of shooting two men who walked too close to Uribe's Jeep.

And not only that, but the details read like a bad joke: The two men Uribe is suspected of shooting are a Dominican farmer and a captain in the Italian Navy.



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