Apparently it took the clubhouse manager 17 years to perfect Carman's signature: As reported by 6 Action News in Philadelphia, a Phillies fan who sent a baseball card to former pitcher Don Carman in 1989 received the signed card in the mail this week.

There's a comeback nobody saw coming: Jeff Weaver.

That's pretty much how the rest of us sees it, too: The interim president of the Cubs says his goal in hiring Lou Piniella is to win the World Series "next year and the year after next."

Weighing both sides -- let's call it even: It's always a sad day around my house when the baseball season ends, but this year's sadness is tempered by the knowledge that we will no longer be subjected to those Tommy Lasorda commercials.

I know, let's all write the same thing for three days and see if anyone notices: If the Detroit outfielders had stayed on their feet (Curtis Granderson) and judged a line drive (Craig Monroe), we might have been spared the endless odes to the pluckiness and determination of David Eckstein.

Two guys who deserved the MVP at least as much as Eckstein but didn't have the benefit of being small and scrappy: Scott Rolen and Adam Wainwright.

A third, possibly: Weaver.

I know it's probably heretical to ask, but here goes: Does anybody -- other than those immediately affected -- really care whether Tiki Barber thinks anyone who criticizes him is an idiot?

A question nobody's asking anymore: How will the Indianapolis Colts get by without Edgerrin James?

A story nobody's writing anymore: The Edgerrin James-as-the-kind-of-leader-who-can-elevate-a-bad-franchise-like-the-Cardinals story.

The last time we heard this, it was supposed to be the last time we heard this: After losing to the Bears 41-10 -- highlighted by a 41-0 halftime score -- 49ers coach Mike Nolan said he would "stay the course."

A Super Bowl worth watching: Colts-Falcons.

And finally, after the mere act of typing the words "Go Cards," I hear an authoritative knock at the door: A Cardinals fan who printed up some non-licensed Kenny Rogers' T-shirts to sell outside Busch Stadium had her business halted by Major League Baseball, which reportedly threatened an FBI investigation because the inclusion of "Go Cards" constituted copyright infringement.

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