If this is perceived as a negative, I'm guessing the Colts will be able to live with it: Indy, despite being 8-0, is just fifth in the league in scoring margin.

And the really creepy thing is, they don't need a warrant to tap his calls anymore: The Elias Sports Bureau reported that Peyton Manning completed two passes from the far left side of the field Sunday night, and over the previous 4½ years he had completed just one pass from that area of the field.

What the people in Texas should expect from new manager Ron Washington: (1) better infield defense; (2) big emphasis on fundamentals; (3) wild, stream-of-consciousness talk littered with copious amounts of random profanity.

Like I've always said, Mario Williams was a no-brainer: Reggie Bush rushed 11 times for -5 yards on Sunday, becoming the seventh player since the merger to carry more than 10 times for negative yards.

Good thing he's not a surgeon: An NFL color commentator who shall remain nameless said the following about an NFL receiver who will remain nameless -- "If you throw it to him five times, he'll come up with two of them, so the percentages are in his favor."

And finally, cocktails at 4, dinner at 5, in the rack by 8:30: There's an item on Costco.com right now that enables you to spend $3,399.99 for the privilege of spending an evening in Arizona with Yogi Berra and Bob Uecker.

Tim Keown is a senior writer for ESPN The Magazine. Sound off to Page 2 here.


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