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I had a brief flashback the other day, remembering when the fall/winter Sundays of my youth began with an early-morning viewing of "Notre Dame Highlights" with Lindsey Nelson telling me, "We pick up the action with the Irish advancing to the Spartan 43 ... Clements back, hits Casper over the middle!"

(Obviously, if you're looking for trenchant analysis on news of the day or something like that, this isn't the place this time around. There are plenty of more capable guys around here to handle that, anyway.)

In retrospect, "Notre Dame Highlights" seemed quaint and archaic and made me feel old, so I looked through my cable guide to see what was available to today's inquisitive, sports-addled youngster. Since my sons are content with "SportsCenter" on endless loop, I looked a little farther north on the dial.

Oh, sure, we're evolved and technologically advanced, but Sunday afternoon on channel 417 I could have watched "The Ed Orgeron Show," a half-hour weekly featuring the Ole Miss football coach.

(I assume this would be good viewing if I wanted to listen to someone speak English for a half-hour and still leave me begging for subtitles. If you didn't grow up whittling while sitting on the stump of an old mangrove with your bare feet in a swamp, you have no chance of understanding Orgeron.)

In a two-hour period on 419 I could have back-to-back-to-back-to-backed my way through 30-minute season previews of the Georgia Tech, Georgia, Miami and Florida State basketball programs. At least Lindsey was talking about something that actually happened.

Down on 414, there's "The Billy Gillispie Show." Billy's the basketball coach at Texas A&M, seems like a heck of a coach. Maybe he'll explain how he turned his program from average to top 10 so quickly.

But even if I didn't get that answer, I could have stuck around for the show that followed -- "Houston Sports Beat." I pressed the info button and was informed, "Members of the media discuss the Houston sports scene." I think I'll watch next week when they debate "Mario Williams or Vince Young?"

And, to cap it off, after I could have watched those previews, and after I could have watched weeks-old Ole Miss football highlights and a breakdown of Yao Ming's drop step, I could have switched over to 416 and culminated my day with the riveting specter of "This Week in the D-League."

"Next week on 'This Week in the D-League': Nobody wants to be here, but hey -- we're making the best of it!"

This Week's List

After eight weeks of previews, I can say this without hesitation or fear of rebuke: They are Marshall.

Not to go all Mel Kiper on you or anything, but consider this: With Maurice Jones-Drew, Vince Young, Reggie Bush, Joseph Addai, Matt Leinart, DeAngelo Williams, A.J. Hawk and Marques Colston -- this could go down in history as one of the best NFL drafts ever.

For all those overthinking NFL talent evaluators, the lesson of Vince Young, at least so far: If a guy is a one-of-a-kind talent in college, against the best competition, he's probably going to hold his own at the next level as well.



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