Oh, no, not at all -- I really enjoy competing against them: You have to figure the Chargers' biggest fan over the weekend was Peyton Manning, who can't be looking forward to another week of talking about whether Bill Belichick and the Patriots' defense have his number.

A lot of people think the Chargers dropped a lot of passes on Sunday, but in San Francisco: Barry Bonds thinks it was Mark Sweeney.

It might not make for as much drama in the ad, but your fellow passengers will appreciate it: If you're like the guy on the Avodart commercial who always has to go the bathroom but then has trouble going once he gets there, request an aisle seat next time you book your flight.

Since he's making twice as much (counting endorsements and other perks) as A-Rod, it seems only fair: The first time David Beckham doesn't come up with a big goal in a close game against one of his team's rivals, I'm calling him a choker -- twice.

Everyone in San Diego thinks it's Marty Schottenheimer's fault, but in San Francisco: Barry Bonds blames Mark Sweeney.

A word -- or nonword -- that should be stricken from the lexicon forever starting right now: Trickeration.

And finally, one guy who has already gotten hip to the trickeration ban: Mike Holmgren, who apparently thinks tricky means sending Shaun Alexander off left tackle instead of left guard on either third-and-1 or fourth-and-1.

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