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The 2005 World Series of Poker festival – all 30-something tournaments, all 100-something super-satellites, all 1,000-something one-table satellites – has finally arrived. You are about to embark on the vacation of a lifetime. You are planning to attend the entire circus, even though you've never been to Vegas during a WSOP.

You are bristling with excitement, for sure. But you're also a bit nervous, and more than a little curious about how to handle yourself. If only you had access to a handful of old pros, a few guys who have been around and seen it all, you'd pick their brains for advice. But you don't, and you're wishing you had misspent your youth a little more wisely, instead of studying those dusty old law books day and night for years.

Hey, don't despair. That's what Jackpot Jay is here for. Not to provide the advice, since it was only last year that I was in your shoes, a wide-eyed WSOP virgin, but to get a few level-headed veterans to give up their wisdom and knowledge, so that you, dear reader, will have a better chance to survive WSOP 2005 with a bit of your bankroll – and sanity – intact.

(And don't even think about thanking me. We at Page 2 Central live to serve.)

Just say no
"OK, let's see if I've got this straight: A player who has never been to a WSOP festival before, coming for the entire six-plus weeks?" said Joe Beevers, a member of England's Hendon Mob. "Yeah, I've got some advice – you're crazy. Maybe a couple of weeks at the beginning, or a couple at the end. Maybe. I've been to the WSOP about 10 times, and I'm not sure that I'm going to be able to cope."

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Not that anybody will be surprised to hear this, but Beevers, a true poker desperado of the old school, will not be taking his own advice. In fact, after he – and his fellow Mobsters, brothers Barny and Ross Boatman, and Ram Vaswani – play in virtually every tournament scheduled, Beevers is taking a short trip down the strip to the Bellagio to get … married. No wonder he says, "I predict lunacy, headaches and chaos."

Still, if you insist, he's got some metaphysical advice for you: "Put the blinders on. Never before have patience and discipline been so important, not to mention physical fitness. Keep telling yourself, 'Do the right thing each time.' You don't want to wake up after it's all over – it will come to an end – and find yourself wishing you'd done something different."

On a practical note, Beevers recommends skipping at least an occasional event to get away from it all. "Hire a car, go to Lake Las Vegas or Zion or Lake Mead, anywhere to get away from the noise of the chips and the slots. Get yourself focused, so that when you do play, you're playing your best game."



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