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1. Milwaukee Brewers: Bernie Brewer
Don't call it a comeback -- Bernie has been here for years. First appearing in the early '70s, Bernie became a fixture by doing his famous slide into a beer stein with every Milwaukee homer or win. Then in 1984, the Brewers replaced Bernie's Chalet with a sound tower … so farewell, Bernie -- hello, louder PA? Good move, Selig. But wait! Bernie was voted back by the fans and made a triumphant, and permanent, return in 1993. Now Bernie resides in Miller Park, where his slide and his hardcore 'stache is bigger and better than ever.

2. University of Nebraska: Herbie Husker
Like many famous people, Herbie has gone through a series of cosmetic makeovers. Overalls, cowboy hats, ears of corn in the pocket. You know, the usual stuff … whatever is in style. It all paid off last year when Herbie was named the Capital One Mascot of the Year for 2005. So what's in Herbie's wallet? A national title of his own. Which is more than Bill Callahan can say.

3. Appalachian State: Yosef
If you're a mascot, and you want to distinguish yourself from the others, what should you do? Rock a beard straight out of ZZ Top. Yosef the Mountaineer is one part nature lover and two parts "We probably shouldn't mess with this guy" -- so in the world of psychological edges, Yosef scores big.

4. University of Evansville: Ace Purple
How can you go wrong with a mascot that sounds like something from a 1970s version of Grand Theft Auto? Well, apparently you can, because the university decided a few years ago to do away with the "turn-of-the-century riverboat gambler" version of Ace Purple as the official mascot and stuck with the old Purple Aces. Still, Ace Purple lives on in the shadows. Every August students try out to see who will wear the costume of Ace Purple for home athletic events. Rock on, Ace.

5. Wake Forest University: Demon Deacon
Some of the best mascot traditions start out as fraternity pranks. The Demon Deacon is no different. Back in the '40s, one brother dressed up to be an old Baptist Deacon in a tuxedo, top hat and tails as the men of Wake Forest sought a "more dignified" mascot. Today the Deacon, like many of his colleagues, is made of the best foam rubber our fine nation has to offer.

Photo credits: Getty Images, AP