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While we couldn't make it out to every campus in our cross-country search for Mr. and Miss Bracket 2006, college basketball fans sent in some fine submissions in the online version of the contest.

We've narrowed the candidates in our first round of Miss Bracket finalists based on the photos and essays submitted by some die-hard fans.

Check out the eight candidates and vote for your favorite in the poll on the right. And vote for your favorite Online Mr. Bracket candidate.

Jennifer Owsiany
Age: 21
School: Penn State University
Hometown: Naples, Fla.
Why I should be Miss Bracket: I'm president of PSU's Nittwits. With PSU not being a basketball school I had several goals: camp out, rush the court and increase game attendance. We were busted by cops twice for camping out and using a bullhorn out my car window to get people to attend games. After the win against Illinois, we met the team at the airport and followed the bus to continue celebrating. With recruiting, we increased membership 75%. GO STATE!
Meredith Shiner
Age: 18
School: Duke University
Hometown: Northfield, Ill.
Why I should be Miss Bracket: Having been born March 25, 1987, I was predestined to love college basketball. The first image I ever saw on television was Keith Smart nailing his jumper to win the national title for Indiana and my passion for the game only intensifies with each March. I live in a tent in the cold for two months just to be close to the floor for Duke/UNC games, to get the chance to experience basketball history firsthand.
Electra Sattelberger
Age: 18
School: University of Connecticut
Hometown: Branford, Conn.
Why I should be Miss Bracket: I stood outside hours before the UConn vs. Villanova [game] in zero degree weather just to sit in the lower student section. Here I am in a sleeping bag and blanket because the ground was so cold. I called every friend I knew to bring me hot chocolate every once in awhile because I felt frozen and could barely move. I never thought I would make it out alive but UConn basketball makes it worth every sacrifice.
Stephanie Longendyke
Age: 19
School: Duke University
Hometown: Kingston, N.Y.
Why I should be Miss Bracket: My father introduced me to Duke when I was a little girl, and the rest is history. It's hard to put into words the connection I have with Duke; the love, passion, and dedication. Watching them is pure bliss. Regardless of my lack of money, I traveled to North Carolina with no game tickets, Pennsylvania, and Atlanta just to experience the legacy. I am a CRAZIE fan who tells people how amazing Duke is, constantly!
Dawn Katherine Morgan
Age: 22
School: Gonzaga University
Hometown: Greenacres, Wash.
Why I should be Miss Bracket: I bought $345 worth of tickets to the WCC Zags game for classmates who would not otherwise have the chance! When I found out I was sold me a row of Pepperdine tickets instead, I knew that I was the most passionate fan trying to take one for the team! The picture of Spike & I will be my graduation announcement picture! Spike, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore!? GO BULLDOGS! GO ZAGS!
Alexandra Jaspers
Age: 19
School: UCLA
Hometown: Huntington Beach, Calif.
Why I should be Miss Bracket: I have camped overnight for all games this season and became an honorary member of the UCLA Den last year when I was still in high school by painting my face and sneaking into the student section for games. I randomly lead UCLA 8-claps around campus, in the dining halls, in my classes and almost non-stop throughout games. I have found my one true love in cheering for UCLA basketball.
Ashley Payne
Age: 21
School: UNC but I'm a Gonzaga Fan
Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Why I should be Miss Bracket: The World's Biggest Gonzaga Fan lives 2,666.40 miles away from Gonzaga University and attends UNC. My friends cheer on Hansbrough while I wear fake 'staches to cheer on the Zags. Atlanta, D.C., Las Vegas, Malibu, L.A., you name it, I've been there to see GU play. Are you the one who drinks out of a Jack and Dan's pint glass every game to honor John Stockton's dad? Miss Bracket that's me, hands down.
Becka Suchy
Age: 19
School: University of Connecticut
Hometown: Guilford, Conn.
Why I should be Miss Bracket: I was born and raised U-nder the influence of the Huskies. I love my s-C-hool more than anything and I cheer for the w-O-men's home b-ball games. I also go to all the me-N-'s home games. I love to ador-N my face with Husky tattoos and can't wait to be in Boston for the women's Final Four while watching the men DOMINATE in Indianapolis. GO HUSKIES!