1991: MJ switches hands in midair for spectacular layup
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2001: Allen Iverson's 48 points stuns Lakers in Game 1
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Up there, in the air, he could do anything. Of course, it was "Spectacular!" switching hands from right to left and then laying in the ball. Then again, this is Michael Jordan. The man-god of basketball did this kind of thing 82 nights a year (plus playoffs). With MJ, the spectacular somehow looks ordinary, even in the NBA Finals.
– Chris Ramsay
It was the day before Allen Iverson's birthday and Tyronn Lue was making him angry. After playing him in Lakers practices, Lue felt that he had literally become Allen Iverson. AI reminded Lue – after 48 points, including a manhood-checking 3 from the corner in the fourth quarter – that he was the original AI: "You don't know me."
– Scoop Jackson