1997: Steve Kerr's jumper wins fifth title for Bulls
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2004: Kobe Bryant's shot sends game into OT
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Steve Kerr
Kobe Bryant
Steve Kerr wasn't visualizing the ball going through the hoop or the celebration that would come with the Bulls' fifth NBA title. Nope, Kerr had bad thoughts floating around in his head. "I was just thinking, 'I'd better not miss,' " the unlikely hero said of his wide-open jumper that beat Utah in Game 6. Well, rest easy, Steve, you didn't.
– Kevin Jackson
The last great shot of the Lakers' dynasty. When it went in, you thought maybe it was restoring order, to the series (the Lakers would win in OT to even the series), the basketball world. But it was just a last gasp before the dying, the true beginning of "Deeeeeee-troiiiiiiiit Baaaaaaaaas-ket-baaaaaaaal!"
– Eric Neel