John Lucas, Cavaliers fill up our tank

Originally Published: January 20, 2010
By Thomas Neumann | Page 2

Alex Wong/Getty ImagesWho's the biggest tank in history? We'll let you decide from our list of worthy candidates below.

Former Cavaliers coach John Lucas recently alleged Cleveland tanked the 2002-03 season to improve its draft position to potentially acquire the No. 1 pick in order to select LeBron James.

Gordon Gund, the team's principal owner at that time, refuted the accusation. Still, if tanking was the plan, it worked perfectly.

Regardless, this story got us to thinking about other historical tanks, tankers and tankings, and the circumstances around them.

With that said, Page 2 proudly presents its gallery of tank jobs. Be sure to post any tanks we missed in the Conversation section below.

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