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This was one stormy Sunday. The 49ers were blown out of the Windy City by the Bears. The Giants blew up at home against the Vikings. Tampa Bay blew by Washington in the final minute. And the Rams may have seen their playoff chances blown away.

As usual, our Critics wanted to weigh in.

What I learned about the Giants this week:   Mike Sweatman (Giants' special teams coach) is in trouble   Don't anoint 'em yet, Gotham   Never bet on them   On broken plays, they break
Over/under on Tom Coughlin postgame expletives:   20 (2 per minute in the 10-minute "cool down" period)   Or worse -- cold, angry, silent parental disapproval   20   More than NY's 5 turnovers
Who should quarterback the Bills the rest of the way?   Losman. He's the future   Losman, if only for the 'do rag   Losman   Holcomb
Best Triplets: Troy, Emmitt and Irvin, or Peyton, Edgerrin and Marvin?   Troy, Emmitt and Irvin   Better question: 3 rings, or 0 rings?   Montana, Craig and Rice   C) Playboy's Dahm triplets
What would you do after sprinting 108 yards?   Sit, reflect, take oxygen   Apply Ben-Gay liberally   Call Nike … contract time   Request defibrillation
More fun to watch, crazy snow or crazy wind?   Wind   Snow is football. Period.   Snow   Let it snow!
On deck at QB for the 49ers …   Arnaz Battle   79-year-old Y.A. Tittle   Matt Leinart   Vince Young, if they're lucky
Joey Harrington or Jeff Garcia?   Harrington   Harrington. Garcia can't tickle ivories.   Jeff Garcia   There's another choice, right?
Three words to sum up Arizona:   Too much expectation   Bidwill should sell   Sorry Larry Fitzgerald   Blindfolds and cigarettes
Pats' win over the 'Fins proved …   Dolphins are still not good   AFC East won't provide Super Bowl entry   It ain't over   Averageness trumps mediocrity
Jacksonville, contender or pretender?   Contender   Contender … Matt Jones Fan Club taking applications   Contender   Playoff contender, championship pretender
Thoughts on Jon Gruden's last call?   Having guts pays dividends   It's a game! Play to win. Awesome.   Should be this week's "Damn Moment"   Stupid 'Skins penalty made it easy
Simms Jr., how ya like him now?   Jury's still out   Kid's got moxie. Applause, applause.   Still not his daddy   About as much as Joey Harrington
Fav NFL cheerleading squad (besides Topcats):   '91 L.A. Raiders. It's personal.   USC Trojan Song Girls   Redskins   USC. The pros are scary up close
Do you believe in the Broncos?   Yes. Yes, I do.   Not yet -- road games at Dallas, KC and SD lurk   All year long (check the grids)   I'm Plummer agnostic
Shaun Alexander or L.T.:   L.T. can do more   This week, Shaun. This year, L.T.   Shaun … this week   Alexander for fantasy, L.T. for real
If Christian Okoye was the "Nigerian Nightmare," Samkon Gado is …   A GM's wet dream -- cheap labor   Baby Nightmare? Maybe "Nigerian Nightsweat"   The Lagos Legend   Samkon Gado. A nickname would be superfluous.
Charlie Batch looks like …   Hines Ward. And a little like Fat Joe. Only not fat. And David Carradine.   He can still play (if healthy) … but hurry back, Ben.   The best re-sign of the season (till he got hurt)   Mark Jackson. Duh.
MVP of the day?   Brett Favre   Nathan Vasher, all 108 yards of him   Shaun Alexander and Edge James (tie)   Simeon Rice
Feelings on MNF without T.O.?   He'll be back   Anything on ESPN Classic?   He will be MNF   Van Halen without Diamond Dave