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Hey, is "King Kong" out yet?

MVP of the day:   Jay Feely   Jerome Bettis   Jerome Bettis   Jay "How ya like me now?" Feely
Best play of the day:   Bledsoe's TD throw to Jason Witten. Pure.   Bledsoe flea-flicker to Glenn   Cowboys' flea-flicker. What's not to love?   Shayne Graham's FG (let the Bengals hype continue)
Worst play of the day:   Tampa returnman Mark Jones getting tackled by the punter   Kris Brown's inexcusable muffed 31-yarder in Tennessee to lose   Anything Kyle Boller   Every one in the Jets-Raiders game
Surprise of the day:   Miami beating San Diego   Miami rolls in San Diego; Nick Saban coach of the year?   Jay Feely makes a game-winner   That Schottenheimer waited this long to choke
Key result of the day:   Pittsburgh layin' it on Chicago   Parcells stays alive; badly hurts Vermeil's Chiefs   Texans loss = Reggie Bush. Giddyup!   Vikes can't lose
Are you still on or off the Chargers' bandwagon?   Off; was never onboard   Lose to Miami and Indy is next? Barrel-roll off.   One foot on the curb   Off whenever they don't wear the powder blues
Are you still on or off the Chiefs' bandwagon?   Still onboard   Still on ... just for Dicky V.   Still off   Off. C'mon coach, stop crying! Fine, I'm on. I'm back on.
Are you on or still off the Vikings' bandwagon?   Off; was never onboard   On ... and clearing room for a lengthy stay   All aboard, mateys!   If the bandwagon is anything like the boat then I'm totally on
Kyle Orton or Rex Grossman?   Orton   Grossman; give Orton time off to groom beard   How 'bout a Juggs machine?   Orton; this isn't the SEC
The 49ers' performance in 5 words or less:   Finish season, don't get hurt   One step closer to Bush!   Football-ish   Sadder than the training video
The Bills' performance in 5 words or less:   Par for the course   Winter is just starting? Ugh.   Losmantacular.   Pray for a strike
The Panthers are ...   best in league's toughest division   unpredictable little rascals   getting worse   probably going home early
The Patriots are ...   best in league's weakest division   laying in the weeds   getting better   nothing like they were on paper in August
Tom Brady was SI Sportsman of the Year. Who should've won?   Lance Armstrong   Jason Gore: golfer fell down 7 times, got up 8 and smiled all the while   Roger Federer   Greg Brady
Mike Vick does what the rest of the season?   Hangs out in GM's office saying things like, "Let's just talk about T.O. the receiver for a minute."   Leads Atlanta to January; I'm the last Vick Believer   Make January vacation plans   After Monday's win? Loses
We have to ask (again): Do the Colts go 16-0?   No   As Belushi said in 'Animal House': (Belch) "Why not?"   Looking more likely   Nope. Christmas Eve, it ends.
Is Chris Simms good enough to be playing in the Super Bowl?   Was Trent Dilfer? Sure.   Nay, brother   Why not? Remember MVP Larry Brown?   Not even in Madden with the passing cones off
Where is Matt Leinart playing in 2006?   Somewhere as a third-round pick, #2 QB   J-E-T-S, Jets! Jets! Jets!   Probably Jets, maybe Packers   J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets
Tom Coughlin or Herm Edwards?   Herm. Better storyteller at meeting time.   Herm -- life would be better with a daily Herm Edwards pep talk   Larry Brown, or even that kid Nets coach   Coughlin
First coach you would get rid of:   Dick Vermeil. Rising health insurance costs.   Has to be Norv Turner   Brian Billick   Brian Billick. Some people just need to be humbled
Coach who may get fired who shouldn't:   Norv Turner   Dom Capers   None. Win or get out.   Mike Tice. Hey, I still need tickets.
Score of next week's Chargers-Colts game:   27-21, Colts   Indy 31, San Diego 17 ... the march goes on   35-24, Colts   Colts 45, Chargers 17