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Will resting their starters haunt Belichick and Dungy?   Nope. Smart move.   No. Talk of rust is overrated.   Nope. But injuries would have.   It'll haunt Belichick.
Best play of the day:   Flutie's dropkick, circa 1929.   Any of Larry Johnson's inspired jaunts.   Flutie's dropkick. Rarer than Charlie Brown getting over on Lucy.   (Sat) Tiki's run
Worst play of the day:   Jake Delhomme's hams exposed when pants ripped.   Bears' defense on Michael Bennett's long TD run.   Any Bengal trying to tackle Larry Johnson.   Bears' defense on the sideline
License plate of the truck that ran over Cinci:   ONE-N-DUN   CUM-UP-ENCE   NO-D-IN-CIN-SEE   UR-DONE-06
Six months from now Brett Favre will be:   Giving a young Packer fan a bike ride at training camp.   At Packers minicamp.   Considering a comeback.   Throwing a TD pass to Javon Walker.
Six months from now Dick Vermeil will be:   Weeping at a stoplight.   Boring his grandchildren with war stories.   Smiling, sipping wine.   Crying somewhere ... anywhere.
Six months from now Jerome Bettis will be:   Eating nachos and averaging 245 in his bowling league.   Mainstay on pro bowlers tour.   Getting his nose powdered for TV.   In Fox's studio.
Six months from now Bill Parcells will be:   A rumor to be back coaching in '07.   Earnestly pursuing bronze tan to complement platinum 'do.   Yelling at T.O.   Making Jermaine Jones look like his brother.
How will your remember Deion Sanders?   As a Hall of Fame entertainer, and Hall of Fame ball player. In that order.   Like Magic and Bird with assists: Prime Time made defense into a thing of glamour.   Humbly pointing skyward.   As the best corner ever that should have gone into the Hall of Fame first, then come out of retirement.
Would the dropkick make your playbook?   Anything good enough for The Mean Machine in the original "The Longest Yard" makes it.   Most definitely. The more you can do.   Heck yeah, along with the fumblerooskie.   Not unless Doug Flutie or Warren Sapp were on my roster.
Besides Reggie Bush, name one person watching HOU vs. SF:   Reggie Bush's agent.   The potential second pick.   David Carr's massage therapist, Alex Smith's immediate relatives.   Drew Rosenhaus.
Tiki or Alexander; who's game is more impressive?   There's just something about Tiki.   Tiki does more.   Tiki. Does more with less.   Tiki.
Which team would you most like to own?   The Raiders ... just to have the rights to Randy Moss, and Al's sweatsuits.   Detroit Lions: I would make them football's version of Tabla Rasa.   The Redskins, whose fans are like a 24-hour ATM.   Redskins.
The Jets won. Should fans be happy or sad?   Happy ... you're not a fan if you root for a loss.   Unwavering pride trumps some unproven draft pick.   Melancholy. In the end, they're still rooting for the Jets.   Happy.
Which of the 10-plus-wins teams is the worst?   Tempted to say Bears ... but it's Jax.   Bucs.   Bengals. Worst defense.   Tampa Bay.
Final score -- Michael Vick vs. The Hype:   Hype 2, Vick 0 (tackled in end zone for safety).   Hype is overrated, transcendent skill ain't. Winner: Vick.   After five rounds, hype leading on points.   MV 27, Hype 21.
Has anyone seen Jamal Lewis? Really, where?   Like Spinal Tap, in the 'Where-Are-They-Now' File.   In Cape Town, searching for Dave Chappelle.   Wait -- he's out of prison?   No.
Most surprising team standing in 2005:   Philly, 6-10.   Seattle.   Chicago.   Bears 11-5.
Least surprising team standing in 2005:   49ers, 4-12.   San Francisco.   Colts.   NFC North champs.
If you're starting a team, who in the league would you pick first?   'Touchdown' Tommy Brady.   Reggie Bush, of course.   Tom Brady.   Matt Leinart.
OK, but who's your MVP?   'Touchdown' Shaun Alexander.   Tiki Barber.   Chicago's entire defense.   LT2.
Last chance, your Super Bowl score:   Colts 38, Seahawks 9.   Colts 21, Giants 20.   Colts more points-Carolina fewer points.   Indianapolis 37, Bears 10.
One more, pick your 2007 Super Bowl winner:   New England ... where Tommy joins his idol, Joe, with 4 rings.   Baltimore.   Ask again later.   New England Patriots.