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Anybody getting sick and tired of this already?

Tie game. Late in the fourth quarter. Patriots have the ball. Tom Brady leads his team down the field. And with just a few ticks left on the clock, Adam Vinatieri boots a game-winning field goal.

Sounds like a broken record, doesn't it?

It happened again this Sunday. New England did squander a 28-13 second-half lead. But it didn't matter. Because the clutch brothers came through again. And for Vinatieri, it was the 19th game-winning kick of his incredible career.

These two clearly love drama. Maybe they should make a movie? In fact, maybe they should have been cast in Al Pacino's latest movie? After all, the ladies love them just about as much as they love Pacino and Matthew McConaughey. Page 2 artist Kurt Snibbe used his imagination …

Two for the Money