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    The Damn! Moment of Week 6   Good, bad, ugly from Week 6   MatchSport: Bond. James Bond.   They're the
kings of the world!

What did we learn about Ricky Williams on Sunday?

What did we learn about the New England Patriots on Sunday?

What did we learn about the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday? (Doh!)

Hey, enough with the questions. We're in this for the answers, aren't we? So let's get on with it. (Or, as the Vikings might say, let's get it on.) Page 2's Critics present everything you always (well, at least since Sunday) wanted to know but were afraid to ask about Week 6 in the NFL.

Man or Myth: Panthers WR Steve Smith:   Man   Myth … of Mercury   (Creative) Man   Mythical … to Detroit's secondary
What CAN'T LaDainian Tomlinson do?   Play like Daunte Culpepper   End global warming   Get a Supreme Court nomination   Keep ref Butch Hannah safe
Was that holding penalty on the Saints chicken salad or (as Jim Haslett says) chicken s***?   Chicken s***   Cut a weary squad a break!   S***   Chicken Correct-ore
Message sent Sunday by Ricky Williams (5 carries, 8 yards):   The weed was for a reason.   Wishes it were Mike Wallace doing the tackling   "Feed me." Food and otherwise   I … am … Candyman!
When Vinny Testaverde won the 1986 Heisman, I was …   Sick of hearing his name. I was a Seminole fanatic.   Trying to wear my hair like Bon Jovi   A precocious freshman cornerback   Mourning Optimus Prime's death
When the Vikings disband and the Twin Cities get another team, its nickname should be …   Minnesota Mayflower. (Get it? The boat!)   The Christian Temperance Union   Lakers Without Championships   Sensitivity Trainees
Sunday stat that has to be a damned lie:   Corey Dillon, DNP, Coach's Decision   Vinny T.: a rushing TD   Cleveland: 186 total yards   Jake Plummer, 262 pass yards, no ints.
This Week's Class Clown:   Mike Tice   Tommy Maddox   Saints' special teams   Tommy Maddox. He's still in the league?
This Week's Valedictorian:   Tatum Bell   L.T.   Byron Leftwich   L.T. This is becoming a habit.
Describe Priest Holmes' 60-yard catch-and-run TD in four words or less:   Reggie Bush is me.   Sweeter than Gates BBQ   Rarely seen on Sunday   Skateboarding through traffic.
Best individual performance in a losing cause:   Jeremy Shockey   Mark Brunell … finally, I believe   Jeremy Shockey   Santana Moss
The Steelers missed Big Ben like [FILL IN BLANK] miss [FILL IN BLANK]:   Comedy Central misses Dave Chappelle   Like a Primanti Bros. sandwich would miss fries and mayo   Condi misses Colin   NBC misses "Friends" … and "Seinfeld" … and …
Patriots (3-3) final record will be …   8-8   11-5   10-6   9-7
Tedy Bruschi's return means …   Nothing. They miss Rodney Harrison more.   He's tougher than week-old jerky   Cardiologists become as popular as plastic surgeons   Quite frankly, that's not all you need.
Player Most in Need of a Bye Week (even if he's already had one):   Tom Brady   Joey Harrington   Daunte Culpepper   Minnesota's whole team. Er, maybe not.
Forgotton Man in 2005:   Edgerrin James   Randy Moss. Donda esta?   Dante Hall   The Steves, Davis and McNair
Ugliest play of the day:   Trent Dilfer's fumbled snap on his first play against his old team   Tommy Maddox's OT fumble. Yikes!   Todd Peterson's game-winning kick. (Just an ugly situation.)   Any play in Giants-Cowboys
How 'for real' are the Broncos?   Real like the logo on milk   You beat New England, you're real   Real enough to win one playoff game   More real than Guns N Roses' "Chinese Democracy."
Bill Parcells was laughing near the end of regulation because …   He knows Bledsoe and Keyshawn are connected like Regis and Kelly   Inexplicably, he's 4-2   Jeremy Shockey called him sweetheart   Crying is not an option.
Trent Dilfer's parting words to the Ravens' defense on Sunday were …   "Your mother made ya, your mother loves ya … ya mothers"   "Thanks for the ring!"   "We really did complete one another, didn't we?"   "Oh, so that's why you cut me."