Hey, only 161 more games left for the Pirates to hold on   

Updated: April 7, 2009, 12:38 PM ET

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Since most of you watched the NCAA championship game, we paid attention to all the games across the majors on Opening Day. Here are our top observations of the day:

1. Diary of a Pirates fan:

5:00 p.m. -- Checking out that Opening Day roster.

5:01 p.m. -- Crying.

5:06 p.m. -- Still crying.

5:10 p.m. -- Saying words that can't run on a Disney site.

5:14 p.m. -- Looking at various NFL mock drafts to see who people say the Steelers are picking.

5:16 p.m. -- Watching video of Sidney Crosby fighting.

5:18 p.m. -- More crying.

2. So Khalil Greene is batting fourth for the Cardinals, "protecting" Albert Pujols.

We assume this means Baseball Prospectus has zero scenarios in which the Cardinals win the Central.

3. J.J. Putz in the eighth, K-Rod in the ninth, preserving a gem from Johan Santana. Just like the Mets planned it.

Luckily, when Putz and Rodriguez do suffer the inevitable blown save, they will receive the same level of support from Mets fans that they did in Seattle and Anaheim.

4. Say what you will about the Mariners, but we think this reality TV contest they're running is awesome.

To think a guy could go from the waiver wire to batting No. 3 in their Opening Day lineup. You gotta admit that's a pretty cool deal for the "man on the street."

CC Sabathia

Greg Fiume/Getty Images

On the bright side, at least CC Sabathia's bad game didn't come in front of the home crowd.

5. So now we know why CC Sabathia wasn't good enough to pitch for Team USA in the World Baseball Classic.

6. The A's are the chic pick to win the AL West this season. No offense to Dallas Braden's family, but the A's started Braden on Opening Day.

And their No. 5 and 6 hitters were Nomar Garciaparra and Eric Chavez, who were both good and healthy as recently as 2004.

Is Billy Beane actually letting Brad Pitt run the team this year?

7. Kevin Gregg just gave up his first run since last season.

8. Apparently Mariners ace Felix Hernandez won "The Biggest Loser" last winter.

9. If you do one thing today, it should be picking up Adam Lind for your fantasy team. He's unstoppable.

10. Andy and Adam LaRoche are like the modern-day Cal and Bill Ripken. Only they're both Bill Ripken.

11. With the cost of a pack of cigarettes these days, Jim Leyland may personally bring America out of the recession by June 1.

12. Well, the Padres lost their opener, which means this is the first of 162 consecutive games they'll be in last place.

13. For those of you fortunate enough to get the YES Network, you got to hear the first "... and we'll try to make sense of it all" post-loss requiem from the Yankees announcers.

14. Cliff Lee has already given up seven runs in a game more times than he did all of last season.

Wait, sorry, that's not an observation, that's a fact.

A fact that's proof last year was a big, fat fluke.

15. Hey ... the Pirates won. Seriously, it was nice to see Pittsburgh win -- and in an exciting way. It's only one game. The Pirate will still probably lose close to 100 games this season. But it's a relief to know they won't break Baltimore's record for worst start to a season.

And we like how Cardinals fans booed their team at ends of both halves of the ninth. So much for being the greatest, most supportive fans in sports.

Save for your team's players murdering someone on the field, we don't think there's really any reason to boo your team on Opening Day.



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