By Brian and Andy Kamenetzky
Special to Page 2

Terrell Owens shocked a national TV audience Monday night when he pulled a pen out of his sock and autographed a touchdown ball just seconds after entering the end zone.

Terrell Owens
Terrell Owens carries a lot more than just a simple pen on the playing field.

If Owens can run a 40-yard fly pattern with a pen in his sock, Page 2 got to wondering what else the San Francisco 49ers receiver might have stashed in his uniform. Here's what we found:

A vanity mirror (inside facemask): Occasionally, even Terrell needs a little inspiration. And nothing inspires Terrell more than the sight of Terrell.

Copy of "The Idiot's Guide to Dancing" (inside left shoulder pad area): 'Cause sometimes you'll need pointers when you run across an emblem that invites you to "Get your swerve on."

Oils, water colors, brushes (inside right shoulder pad area): In case a fan wants their autographed ball to have a little art work on it.

A Sony Watchman TV, with sattelite (left wrist band): So not to miss any highlights of himself.

Dice (right wrist band): Tai, J.J and Terrell like to shoot a little craps while the Niners are on D.

Copy of "Throw Me The Damn Ball' (as left thigh pad): It isn't quite thick enough with reasons to properly protect Terrell, but the author's sentiment goes a long way.

Terrell Owens
You never know when T.O. will be inspired to "get his swerve on."

A Steve Mariucci voodoo doll (inside right thigh pad): For not throwing him the damn ball enough.

Calculator and notepad (left knee pad area): If Randy's getting 40 percent of the plays, you better believe Terrell needs to be getting 41 percent bare minimum.

Ham sandwich (inside right knee pad area): Not a big fan of the halftime orange slices.

Mad Money (inside right shoe): For cab fare, in case he gets in a spat with Garcia and wants to cut out early.

Separate, larger sized helmet: Kept on sidelines, in case of extreme head swelling.