1974 Atlanta Falcons
Actual stats: 14 G, 160-for-356, 44.9%, 1,781 yards, 4 TD, 31 INT
2004 projection: 16 G, 252-for-492, 51.2%, 2,675 yards, 6 TD, 26 INT

Although they didn't have a single quarterback with at least 175 pass attempts, the 1974 Falcons were the third-worst passing team of all time, behind the 1968 Bills and 1998 Chargers. Veteran Bob Lee began the year as the starter after leading the Falcons to a 9-5 record in 1983, but he managed only three touchdown passes in nine games. His backup, Pat Sullivan, had won the 1971 Heisman Trophy for Auburn, but he threw eight interceptions with just one touchdown pass. Third-stringer Kim McQuilken was the worst of all: On 79 passes, he had just 373 yards, nine interceptions and not a single touchdown. The Falcons averaged fewer than eight points a game, went 3-11 and got the No. 1 pick in the draft. Not surprisingly, they used it on a quarterback: Steve Bartkowski.

11. Kerry Collins, 1997 Carolina Panthers
12. Steve DeBerg, 1978 San Francisco 49ers
13. John McCormick, 1966 Denver Broncos
14. Rusty Hilger, 1988 Detroit Lions
15. Archie Manning, 1975 New Orleans Saints
16. Jack Trudeau, 1986 Indianapolis Colts
17. Ryan Leaf, 2000 San Diego Chargers
18. Boomer Esiason, 1992 Cincinnati Bengals
19. A.J. Feeley, 2004 Miami Dolphins
20. Terry Bradshaw, 1970 Pittsburgh Steelers

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