27. The sudden and inexplicable yearning of Red Sox fans to have Pokey Reese back on the roster.

28. The documentaries.

29. The HBO specials.

30. The ESPN specials. OK, we get the picture: Red Sox fans, prior to last season, had suffered immense, gut-wrenching, knee-dropping pain.

31. Bill Lee's eephus pitch. What a way to lose a World Series.

32. Seriously. We know you hate Bucky Dent.

33. Roger Clemens striking out 20 Mariners back in 1986. I don't have time to get into the details and the explanation, but that one game destroyed the Mariners franchise for nearly a decade.

34. Pinky Higgins.

35. The cramped seats at Fenway, which give you a great view of the Green Monster. Too bad you have to wrench your neck to face home plate.

36. All the bandwagon fans. As recently as 1998, the Red Sox ranked just ninth out of 14 teams in the American League in attendance.

37. That time Manny Ramirez played left field with a water bottle in his back pocket.

38. Doug Mirabelli's little soul patch thing below his lower lip.

39. Trot Nixon's hat.

40. Bronson Arroyo's cornrows.

41. Mike Myers' delivery.

42. Mueller? Millar? Miller?

43. "Fever Pitch."

44. Roger Clemens wearing the eyeblack and then going berserk in the 1990 playoffs against the A's. Classy.

45. Fans booing Ted Williams back in the day.

46. Williams giving the fans the finger.

47. The numerous T-shirts for sale outside Fenway suggesting Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez should, umm, do something we can't print here.

48. Johnny Damon's book.

49. Stephen King's book.

50. Bill Nowlin and Jim Prime's book.

51. Leigh Montville's book.

52. The Boston Globe's book.

53. Mike Vaccaro's book.

54. Peter Golenbock's book.

55. Tony Massarotti and John Harper's book.

56. The Boston Globe's other book.

57. The Boston Herald's book.

58. The Sporting News' book.

59. Dan Shaughnessy's updated book.

60. Seriously. We know. Bucky Bleepin' Dent.

61. Tom Brady.

62. The whole Wade Boggs-chicken thing. That was a little weird.

63. Dan Duquette running Roger Clemens out of town.

64. Dan Duquette not given credit by fans for then bringing Pedro Martinez into town.

65. Pedro's head-hunting through the years.

66. Mo Vaughn winning the 1995 AL MVP Award. It should have been Edgar Martinez. Compare: Mo hit .300 with 39 home runs, 126 RBI, a .388 OBP and .575 slugging pct.; Edgar hit .356 with 29 home runs, 113 RBI, .479 OBP (that's almost 100 points higher, folks) and .628 slugging pct.

67. Grady Little. For blowing the 2003 ALCS and letting the Yankees advance to the World Series.

68. Mike Torrez. For giving up that home run to Bucky Bleepin' Dent and letting the Yankees advance to the playoffs.

69. The entire 1978 team for blowing a 14-game lead and letting the Yankees advance to the playoffs.

70. Trading Sparky Lyle to the Yankees back in 1972 for some stiff named Danny Cater.

71. David Wells.

72. The whining.

73. The self-loathing.

74. The degree of whining and self-loathing.

75. The meltdown by Fenway fans in Game 4 of the 1999 ALCS, when a controversial call on the field led to fans bombarding the field with plastic bottles and other trash.



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