By Dan Shanoff
Special to Page 2

After mainlining 46 hours of college hoops last week, you have now come to one unmistakeable conclusion: You have absolutely no chance to win your office pool.

On the other hand, now you can unequivocally root for underdogs, upsets and general bracket mayhem the rest of the way. Not such a bad thing.

While you won't get a second chance to fill out your bracket, you can still spout the current conventional wisdom as you prepare for the arrival of the Sweet 16 on Thursday. Study the list below and then share it with your co-workers, friends at the bar or your significant other.

What's Hot, What's Not: The 2002 NCAA Tournament
Category Hot Not
Tourney coach Rick Barnes (Texas) Bobby Knight (Texas Tech)
Still Ashley Judd

Joey Harrington
Tourney choker

Roy Williams (yet)
Band Maryland Stanford
Southern Illinois

Vacant coaching gig DePaul Florida State
Coaching look "Lavin-Snyder slick" "Huggins-Olson faux-slick"
Fashion statement High socks Bicep sweatbands
NBA stock Dan Gadzuric (UCLA) Chris Marcus (W. Ky.)
Thin man
Tayshaun Prince (Kentucky)

Julius Hodge (N.C. State)
Defense 2-3 zone Full-court anything
Gotta have ... Home advantage in sub-regional A great point guard
Mid-major conference MAC West Coast
Power conference

Jersey to be seen in Southern Illinois (with those extra-large-see-me-on-TV numbers) Florida
Get over it already "The Zags screwed me." "The Zags got screwed."
"Can't believe they're still here" Indiana Kansas
Needs more hype Ernie Kent (Oregon coach) Juan Dixon (Maryland)
Bandwagon ("Oh, sure I had 'em")

Hindsight ("Oh, I knew they would choke") Cincinnati USC
Hoops hotbed Carbondale, Ill. Spokane, Wash.
Hot ticket Arizona-Oklahoma Kent State-Pitt
Storyline The Wacky West Region Will Kansas choke early?
Human highlight reel Ricky Paulding (Missouri) Luke Walton (Arizona)
Go-to scorer
Caron Butler (UConn)

Dan Dickau (Gonzaga)
Upset special Kent State over Pitt Southern Illinois over UConn
Hair Blown-out 'fro Cornrows
Bracket buster UNC-Wilmington Holy Cross (but almost!)
Revised MOP candidate
Jason Gardner (Arizona)

Frank Williams (Illinois)

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