By Dan Shanoff
Special to Page 2

For NFL junkies, the draft is special. Draftmania weeds out the weak weeds out the weak, the casual, and the ones who don't know how to enjoy the magic ratio that is 15 minutes of recovery time for every 10 seconds of pleasure.

That said, whether you are planning to phone in the rest of your life this weekend and watch the whole thing or you just want to sound like you are, check out the list below for the final call on what's cool and what's passť for the NFL draft. If there was ever a time when the Hot/Not List could help you make a good impression with your date, it's this one:

What's Hot, What's Not: 2002 NFL draft
Category Hot Not
Fan get-up Anything "Texan" Those freaky Raiders fans
Save-your-franchise running back
T.J. Duckett

William Green
Wide selection Offensive line Linebackers
QB we would have liked to see
Drew Henson

Chris Simms
Likely cheer from New Yorkers "Patriots suck!" "Red Sox suck!"
Big winners Agents Draft prognosticators
Team you want
to end up on


Strategy for Lions Trade down! Use the 3 on a DB
Who'll get Harrington?

Status of David Carr
Mike Holmgren
likes ...
Tight ends Quarterbacks
RB Clinton Portis (Miami)

QB Pat Ramsey (Tulane)
Teams use the media to ... Disseminate misdirection Alert their fans to exactly who they'll be picking
Needs more hype
Napoleon Harris

Julius Peppers
Drew Bledsoe's big problem The Bills stink Tom Brady's steadiness
First sign
David Carr is in trouble
Trent Dilfer is his mentor Texans' O-line depth
Coolest job
in the NFL
Running a team's
draft-day "board"
Collating the
draft-prospect binders
Player stat "Attitude" 40-yard-dash time
Draft emphasis Speed on defense Quarterback
NFL factory
University of Miami

Notre Dame
Best bet for a
'Skins pick
One of the ex-Gators A 'Nole
Way to spend
15 minutes
between picks
Obsessing about
team "next up"
Obsessing about
team that just picked
What to do with
your now-useless
mock draft
Shopping list Housebreak pet
Lessons from this year's Super Bowl winners Game plans and
execution win games
The draft wins games

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