By Dan Shanoff
Page 2 columnist

It isn't enough to know what's hot at events like the Super Bowl or the NCAA Tournament. It isn't even enough to know what's hot heading into the regular season for baseball or the NBA. No, in this age of fast-forward information flow, keeping up with what's cool and what's passé is vital; everything can change in a matter of days.

That's why the "What's Hot, What's Not" list is going weekly. As always, your co-workers in the office cafeteria, your pick-up teammates at the Y, your friends sitting along the neighborhood bar, and your cavalcade of first dates are just waiting for you to tell 'em what's what:

What's Hot, What's Not this week
Category Hot Not
"The Kobe"

LeBron James
draft status
Second-round steal, 2002 No. 1 overall, 2003
Growth sport Cheerleading Women's soccer
Jurisprudence French judges Jayson Williams
Yao's choice
The Bulls

The Warriors
NHL playoff mojo Teams from Canada Teams from Long Island
NBA bandwagon
Baron Davis

Lamar Odom
Spurrier's guy Shane Matthews Sage Rosenfels
Shoe contracts Lifetime deal for T-Mac Nada for underperforming rooks
growth city
Nashville Charlotte
Jazz retirement rumors John Stockton Karl Malone
Movie buzz "Star Wars" "Ya-Ya Sisterhood"
Bengals' guy Who cares? Gus Frerotte
Rotisserie injury
to care about

Randy Johnson

Andy Pettitte
In hunt for Tamir Goodman transfer

BoSox go-to guy Derek Lowe Pedro Martinez
Trade bait
Kevin Garnett

Jason Kidd
Manager Bobby Valentine Tony Muser
Jerry West
Recruit Kobe Tame J-Will
Sneakers PRO-Keds Pony
Players' excuse
for losing
"It was the coaching." "OK, it was our fault."
effective sports

Condoleezza Rice

Bud Selig

Dan Shanoff is a columnist for Page 2. His "What's Hot, What's Not" trend-spotting list appears Thursdays.