By Dan Shanoff
Page 2 columnist

Golf has never been an egalitarian sport; some probably see that as part of its appeal. Yet this week, as we tune into the U.S. Open, the bandwagon notion is summed neatly in two words: Public course. No pretensions. No expectations. Perhaps evoking an image of the heroes of "Tin Cup" or "Happy Gilmore."

Never mind the near-impossibility of getting a tee time at Bethpage. The fact is, the mere idea of golf courses being public -- like some kind of Robert Moses project -- makes recreational duffers giddy with free-spiritedness. So get out and join your fellow commoners for 18 on your nearest public course this weekend, before re-burying the clubs.

Now that you've got the scoop on one thing that's totally hip, take a look at the rest of what's hot and what's not this week. Feel free to share with your co-workers, buddies, significant others - and particularly your fathers:

What's Hot, What's Not this week
Category Hot Not
Non-Tiger Open fave
Phil Mickelson

Davis Love III
Tom Werner's romantic interest The Red Sox Katie Couric
Ad campaign Testimonials from athletes Testimonials from wannabe-athletes
World Cup
Goal differential Penalty kicks
World Cup bandwagon, Part I

World Cup bandwagon, Part II

Roger Clemens-
plunking-related feud
Did Clemens hit Bonds
to duck Mike Piazza retribution?
Did Clemens hit Bonds
on purpose?
Specter tainting WNBA Strike! Bankruptcy!
Over-the-hill NFL free agent
Hardy Nickerson

Sam Adams
Trademark "Fourpeat" "Threepeat"
NBA issue Instant replay
for last-second shots
Thrilling seven-game Finals
Bowl names Capital One Citrus
NBA trade bait
Brian Grant

Penny Hardaway
Debut Marcus Thames J.J. Trujillo
Brewing controversy Privatizing injury reports Steroids
TV camera shot Golf-hole fly-overs Super-slo-mo replays
NBA draft hype Nikoloz "Skita" Tskitishvili Chris Wilcox
Heavy hitter Jared Sandberg Jared from Subway
Other Finals mismatch Rockets '86 Magic '95
Dance sensation The two guys crashing
the rap video in the
Smirnoff Ice ad
Mark Madsen crashing
the title celebration in L.A.
L.A. offseason controversy Kobe wants to be No. 1 ... somewhere Devean George free-agency decisions
NBA offseason surgery interest Shaq's toe MJ's knee
New Yorkers' bandwagon
U.S. soccer

The Nets
D.C. controversy 70 Greatest Redskins announced Intelligence systems flaws?
Lakers conventional wisdom Will win titles
until Shaq retires
Kings are ready to dethrone
Nets scapegoat Kerry Kittles, KeithVan Horn Kenyon Martin
Fan reaction to championship Becalmed celebration Looting
Now do you believe it? Phil Jackson better
than Red Auerbach
Red still better than Phil
Slugger you'd pay
to watch
Sammy Sosa Shawn Green
Reason to show up to work late on Friday U.S.-Poland at 7:25 a.m. ET Hangover, if
Red Wings clinch Cup

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