By Dan Shanoff
Page 2 columnist

Independence Day is the ideal opportunity to break out that red, white and blue sports style you've been saving in the back of your closet for the right moment. For an appropriate look, consider the super-hot red-white-blue pinwheel-color Clippers hat. Or, for a little irony, try the regulation Montreal Expos lid -- when they end up in D.C. next year, you look prescient, not just patriotic.

With a heat wave baking much of the country, you need a top for July 4 partying that shouts "America" while both looking and staying cool. You already know how we feel about the classic red-and-white horizontal-striped Wes Unseld retro Bullets jersey. But if there's ever going to be a "right" time to pull out that Patriots Super Bowl gear you haven't worn since mid-February, this is it.

Want to declare independence from the passé and pledge allegiance to the sports-trend just about to reach your area code? Take a look at the rest of what's hot and what's not this week. While you're at the holiday barbecue, use it to impress your co-workers, buddies, significant others, beach-housemates and fellow patriots:

What's Hot, What's Not this week
Category Hot Not
Toast of New York baseball
Raul Mondesi

Shawn Estes
Unfairly maligned
Amelie Mauresmo

Anna Kournikova
Naming-rights fiasco MCI Center Enron Field
Injury Fondue-related scalding "Washing a truck"
Inappropriate journalistic outing "Take a steroids test right now!" "Are you gay?"
Rookie problem Favorite jersey number not available Hazing by vets
Greg Ostertag conventional wisdom Loving sibling Sloan-hating lunkhead
Hoops flick "Like Mike" "Juwanna Mann"
Cowboys controversy What's the deal at QB? HBO coming to town; look what happened to Ravens
NHL free agent
Bobby Holik

Byron Dafoe
Latest talk on Tiger What's the unspecified injury? Oh, at least make the tourneys interesting!
Arena League genius Ron Jaworski John Elway
2006 World Cup fave
United States

PGA guy to follow Len Mettiace Colin Montgomerie
University of Minnesota hoops violations Improper women's team workouts Good ol' academic fraud
NBA free agent Devean "Subs Win Championships" George Jacque "What's a Dickau?" Vaughn
Underappreciated hoops coach
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Donn Nelson
SEC power broker Mike Slive Roy Kramer
MLB flamethrower
Eric Gagne

Randy Johnson
Mariners' sensitivity Erectile dysfunction Oral fixations
Manager material Mitch Williams Bruce Bochy
WNBA phenom Tamika Catchings Jackie Stiles
Reason to go to MLB games Home runs ... home runs ... home runs ... Fine pitching
"30th All-Star"-voting big winner
MLB public relations

Jim Thome
Bengals' problem Michael Westbrook QB controversy
MLB All-Star controversy Managerial favoritism Miguel Tejada

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