By Dan Shanoff
Page 2 columnist

Based on Tuesday night's All-Star Game, you might think the concept of "tying" would be a strong pick for the least hot trend of the week.

But the Hot-Not List demands more: We project a tie-related backlash that, while it may not sink Bud Selig, will certainly cast a shadow on the entire industry of exhibition games. If they don't count anyway -- and the administrative powers can cancel them on a whim -- why should fans bother to check them out at all?

If tying is like kissing your sister, then a tie exhibition game is like kissing a cryogenically frozen relative; give us contests with an actual result -- one that matters, while we're at it -- anytime.

Now that you've got the scoop on one thing that's passé, take a look at the rest of what's hot and what's not this week. Feel free to share with your co-workers, buddies, significant others and fellow outraged baseball fans:

What's Hot, What's Not this week
Category Hot Not
All-Star travesty
A tie?!?!

No Thome
New Iverson nickname B&E AI
Garish baseball jersey Powder-blue, Yount-rejected Brewers retro The strange taupe NL All-Star warm-up jerseys
Sponsored stadium nickname "Too Tall Field" (St. Louis' Edward Jones Field) "Bankruptcy Arena" (D.C.'s MCI Center)
Bonds-related All-Star moment Torii Hunter's home-run robbery Bonds' HR Derby fizzle
Baseball's greatest moment Kirk Gibson homer Rickey Henderson record-setting stolen base
Baseball fan chant "Let them play!" "Strike! Strike! Strike!"
Jersey to be seen in
Tour De France's "yellow"

U.S. soccer
Future of U.S. Soccer Keeping Bruce Arena MLS development
NFL star-turned-hoopster
Tony Gonzalez

Terrell Owens
Growth sport Pro bull-riding Men's tennis
Sports power couple The Williams sisters Jeter and Jordana
Heisman hype Pic on a grain silo Pic on an NYC billboard
Hoops summer-camp development Inviting middle-school kids Finding next McGrady-like sleeper
Clever minor-league gimmick "Tie One on for Bud" (St. Paul Saints) Zero-attendance night (Charleston Riverdawgs)
People we'd like to see streak at tennis tourneys How about Anna? (As long as she's not winning ...) The Wimbledon streaker (Too much information)
Vikings endorser
Daunte Culpepper

Randy Moss
Elway's Colorado Arena League story Was team-naming contest fixed? Team-naming contest is marketing genius
Award to win ESPY AFI Lifetime Achievement

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