By Dan Shanoff
Page 2 columnist

Yeah, baby! We're all caught up in the frenzy around the new "Austin Powers" flick that opens this weekend. So flick on the lava lamps, cue the get-randy music and enjoy the smashing special-edition "What's Groovy, What's Not Groovy" list. Need the info!

To kick it off, let's announce our 10-member "All-Groovy" Team: David Beckham, Nick Faldo, Jabar Gaffney, Moochie Norris, Travis Pastrana, Michael Vick, Ben Wallace, Teresa Weatherspoon, Ralph Wiley and Barry Zito. Want to nominate your own sports figure to the "All-Groovy" Team? Send it to Page 2.

So now that you've got the scoop on a couple things that are groovy, take a look at the rest of the list. Impress your co-workers, friends  and especially the ladies. Oh, behave!

What's Hot, What's Not this week
Category Groovy Not Groovy
Sex symbol
Beyoncé Knowles

Elizabeth Hurley
"Fat Bastard" Vin Baker Sam Adams
Deserving of a Mini-Me Mini-Peyton Manning Mini-Bud Selig
Pharmaceutical Liquid mojo Anything that gets you banned from sports
Politeness police
Yankees management

Mariners management
Rookie QB Joey Harrington Any holdout
Playing surface Economical astroturf Expensive grass
Thanks for the leftovers
Brian Moehler

Kenny Rogers
Why '70s baseball was like "That '70s Show" Both were scripted Baseball missing that red-headed hottie
Spurrier's guy Sage Rosenfels Pat Ramsey
NBA Summer League legend Chris Andersen DaJuan Wagner
Hurler Damian Moss Freddy Garcia
John Daly's biggest problem No one cares what he does anymore Applied Super Glue to hand gash
Police blotter Accounting fraud Anything AI
Endorsement Razors Performance enhancers
Hockey gimmick Goalposts that
light up
Alexandre "Oscar" Daigle comeback
Brewing LPGA fiasco Commish wants
to see "talent"
No shortage
of talent

Tiger Woods Who needs him?
Playoffs rule
The more titles,
the better
Athletes coming out Social anxiety disorder Steroids
Retro MLB uniforms

Great Outdoor Games event The one with the
The one with the
Sportscaster role model Orson Welles Red Barber
NBA player summer schedule Kick butt at Rucker Park Kick own butt while training
Yao-believer Vince Carter Rockets management

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